• NASA's Curiosity rover may soon drill rocks on Mars again - Financial Express

    The drill was tested with the FED technique without percussion at the end of February, NASA said. It did not successfully produce a rock sample, but did provide valuable results for engineers at NASA;s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, US. Data from the percussive tests will help them continue to refine the drill technique over the coming months. #8220;This is our next big test to restore drilling closer to the way it worked before, #8221; said Steven Lee, Curiosity deputy project manager at JPL. #8220;Based on how it performs, we can fine tune the process, trying things like increasing the amount of force we apply while drilling, #8221; said Lee. The strategy has been to prototype these new methods while on the go, he said.


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  • The full screen Mi MIX 2S with Mi Malaysia warranty is coming soon - SoyaCincau.com

    For those looking for a different kind of flagship smartphone, the Mi MIX 2S is coming to Malaysia very soon. This is Xiaomi;s ultimate flagship smartphone that comes with a notch less full screen display and it has a pair of AI enhanced dual cameras that;s apparently on par with the iPhone X.


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  • Thalassemia patients to be treated with goat blood soon - NewsBytes

    A fund of Rs. 35 lakh has already been released by the Union Health Ministry for the project. Punjab government has also contributed Rs. 13 lakh for the project. The treatment is likely to start in four five months.


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  • UK adults may soon have to buy “porn passes” from corner shops to prove their age online - TNW

    by Matthew Hughes mdash; in UK Later this year, new UK legislation will require visitors to adult websites to prove that they re over the legal age of 18. The logistics of how this will work, however, are proving trickier than thought.


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  • Robot dogs that freaked out people by opening doors may soon come to building near you - The Mercury News

    They look like they;ve scampered out of a thriller #8211; sleek, four legged robots vaguely resembling dogs, flinging open doors and evading attacks from the humans controlling them.And for the first time this week, videos posted to YouTube by the robotic dogs #8217; creators, Boston Dynamics, show the not so cuddly canines prancing around autonomously.


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  • HP CM: Medical varsity soon for effective management - Daily Pioneer

    He said about 1,000 vacant posts of nurses would also be filled up on priority to strengthen health services in the State. The Chief Minister was addressing the gathering on the occasion of the International Nursing Day function organized by the Trained Nurses Association of India, Himachal chapter at IGMC here.


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  • Microsoft Build 2018: Here are all the new features Windows 10 is getting soon - Digit

    Over the two days of the Microsoft Build Conference 2018 in Seattle, it became clear that Microsoft rsquo;s focus has shifted from Windows to AI and Cloud. Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud was heard more times from the mouths of Microsoft executives than ever, but Windows remain at the heart of Microsoft rsquo;s business. nbsp; ldquo;We are the Windows company, after all, rdquo; Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told The Verge. But ever since the Redmond based company bowed out of the mobile OS race, Windows has worked hard to be accessible from every platform mdash; be it Android or iOS. And this year at Build, Nadella made an even bigger push to make Windows more compatible with other platforms. Here rsquo;s a look at everything new that rsquo;s coming to Windows 10 mdash;1. Your Phone app for iOSSmartphones are useful, but they rsquo;re also a distraction when you rsquo;re hard at work. To keep users from checking their phones while they rsquo;re working on their Windows PC, Microsoft announced the Your Phone app that will allow users to mirror an iPhone straight to a desktop PC. It will let users access texts, photos, notifications and more from their PCs. The app will be made available to Windows Insider members this week and based on feedback, Microsoft will tune it further. The final version is expected to come out with the next major update to Windows 10Where to buy 7990, some time later this year.2. Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise usersWhile the Your Phone app for iOS is new, Microsoft already had something similar for Android users. Microsoft Launcher, which works as an independent launcher app on Android devices not only offers a streamlined interface focused on productivity, it could also allow users to pick up things right where they left off from their PCs. Now, enterprise users too can take advantage of the feature. Furthermore, the Microsoft Launcher will integrate Android devices into the new Timeline feature that launched with the April 2018 update earlier this month.3. Timeline features goes cross platformTimeline was introduced with the April 2018 update a few weeks back and it offers a whole new way of resuming past activities on the PC. Now, the Timeline will support Android and iOS devices as well, allowing users to resume activities on their PCs that they started on their smartphones and other device. The Timeline feature will be built into the Microsoft Edge browser for iOS and the Microsoft Launcher for Android.4. Alt Tab redesignTabbed browsing will break the shackles of the internet browser and come to files, folders and apps. Pressing Alt Tab will bring up a new tabbed browsing experience. Tabs can be grouped into Sets and accessed via the alt tab interface. You can find recently accessed files and folders as well as webpages from Microsoft Edge. Microsoft hasn rsquo;t promised when Sets will roll out to users, but it will be available to Windows Insiders builders first.5. Cortana and Alexa to work togetherMicrosoft rsquo;s Cortana will now work in tandem with Amazon rsquo;s Alexa. Microsoft demonstrated the coming together on stage and it was clear you could invoke Alexa by asking Cortana and control all your smart appliances and simultaneously command Alexa to ask Cortana to send an email. The feature will roll out to users sometime later this year. We are awaiting more details on what devices will be compatible with the union.6. Microsoft will offer more money to devs to make apps for WindowsThe usual practice for apps stores has been to take a 30 percent cut from the revenue generated by apps on their stores. Microsoft is changing that in a big way by only taking a 5 percent cut for non game apps and letting the rest of the 95 per cent revenue to go to developers. It rsquo;s a push for more devs to make apps for the Microsoft Store.


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  • Apple's iOS Will Reportedly Soon Have a Feature That Locks Down USB Data Access After a Week - Gizmodo

    According to TechCrunch and MacRumors, Elcomsoft researchers recently discovered a feature called USB Restricted Mode hidden in the iOS 11.4 code. When the mode is activated, an iOS device like an iPhone will disable all data access via the Lightning port after a week of not being unlocked or paired to a computer. Charging will continue to work.Elcomsoft wrote:


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  • Casting notifications will soon launch Google Home or the media's matching app as a remote control - Android Police

    The infamous Casting notification became very controversial feature for many. It looked like a good idea when it first appeared, but quickly earned much hate nbsp;as the notifications proved to be spammy in regular use. Google eventually rolled out an option to turn off notifications. If you haven't shunned these notifications, or you're willing to turn them back on, you can look forward to a new twist that makes it possible to tap on the notification to immediately open up an app as a remote control.This news comes from the developer release notes for Google Play services v15 where it specifies that users will be able to tap on casting notification to open either the Google Home app, or if the casting session supports joining and the matching app is installed, it will open instead. To put it more clearly, if somebody else is casting with YouTube, the notification will be a shortcut to open the YouTube app on your phone and immediately get access to the current queue, play controls, and any other shared information.


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