• Google in India: How the Company is Pushing its Services in Emerging Markets - XDA Developers (blog)

    Google is at the forefront of a wave of multinational companies beginning to realize the importance of localization in markets like India. It s the key, some analysts argue, to capturing the true potential the country has to offer.In this article, I will detail some of the initiatives Google has taken to make inroads into India. I will also highlight how Google s product rollouts in India might serve as a roadmap for other foreign companies in the emerging world.


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  • Microsoft pushing to make Windows 10 updates faster - Windows Central

    Responding to a query on Twitter, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar said that she is pushing the dev team on ways to reduce the upgrade timeframe. From Sarkar:


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  • Labour hasn't go far enough with their latest animal welfare policy – they should be pushing for full ... - The Independent

    El Gato, the de facto leader of the Labour Party Twitter Jeremy Corbyn It was surely only a matter of time before Labour s infatuation with identity politics led them into the animal kingdom. And so today it has come to pass that a 50 point Radical Action on Animal Welfare plan has been launched by Sue Hayman, the Shadow Environment Secretary, who, I think, is a human being (and thus, some might argue, not well placed to understand the plight of animals. Still, she ll have to do).Hayman s lengthy policy paper is entitled Animal Welfare For The Many, Not The Few , a creepily Orwellian sort of slogan, teetering precariously close to self parody, as so much that the Corbynistas get up to. You imagine that Hayman has a bit of animal socialist agenda here, dismissive of the few labradoodles, Burmese cats and fancy rats living lives of plutocratic luxury in million pound homes cages, with fillet steak, smoked salmon and every conceivable toy at their disposal. Labour is seeking instead to redistribute pet food and extend equality of rights to the many their slum dog, stray cat and sewer dwelling cousins, who have to strive to look after themselves and their families, but who struggle to survive in Theresa May s Britain.


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  • Group suggests pushing age of adolescence to 24 - Medical Xpress

    Adolescence has already been pushed lower, they note. Young boys and girls develop earlier than their parents and grandparents many girls begin menstruating, the team notes, at around 10 years of age. The norm used to be age 14. New research, they also note, shows that the adolescent brain does not stop developing until a person is well into their 20s and many do not develop wisdom teeth until age 25.And, the team notes, society has changed, too. In the U.K., the average age of marriage has been climbing, from the early 20s to the early 30s. And young people are leaving home later, too. In the U.K, young people on average do not leave home until they are 25 years old. Expectations by parents and others in society have also changed many parents now expect their children to live at home longer, which has led to the realization that some policies have to change. In the U.S. for example, parents have been pushing to force insurance companies to allow adults to keep their children on their policies longer.


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  • Apple users accuse company of pushing them to buy brand-new, pricier iPhones - The TeCake

    Plaintiffs Ala Abdulla, Lance A. Raphael, Sam Mangano, Ryan Glaze, and Kirk Pedelty came forward against Apple, claiming the company purposefully and intentionally released operating system software updates to a number of generations of the iPhone in an effort to slow the CPU performance speeds of these devices, Atlas Consumer Law stated in a statement late on Friday. These iOS updates, plaintiffs claim, were engineered with this very purpose in mind fraudulently forcing iPhone buyers to purchase the latest model proposed by Apple, Atlas Consumer Law added.If there s one brand that influences the market profoundly, then Apple has to be the contender for this title. Since the beginning of 2017, the Cupertino giant has managed to retain its position as the affluent and desirable brand for people of all ages and income groups. Even the world of tech rumours consisted of 60 percent Apple related products and services, the biggest one being the iPhone X obviously. The company managed to maintain their cool image while having one perfect and premium product across all categories.


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  • Well-Educated, Socially Advantaged Parents Pushing Their Kids Towards Alcohol Much Earlier ... - NDTV

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  • Google is pushing final 8.1 OTA updates to Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices on the beta - Android Police

    Android 8.1 Oreo is final just a few weeks after the second developer preview rolled out. You can get the system images and OTA files for manual installation, and OTAs are hitting phones running 8.0. That's not all mdash;devices in the developer preview that were running DP2 are also seeing an OTA update today.


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  • China carries out OWN drills as it attacks USA for pushing North Korea to nuclear war - Express.co.uk

    China 's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it was regrettable rdquo; the USA and South Korea has not grasped the window of opportunity rdquo; to cool tensions with Kim Jong un during two months of relative calm before the North 's latest missile strike.The USA has today pushed ahead with a series of major drills alongside South Korea, despite warnings from Pyongyang it would push the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war rdquo;.



  • Black Friday Online Sales Surge to New Records With Mobile Pushing Fastest - Fortune

    Adobe Analytics, meanwhile, saw a 17.9% rise in the dollar value of online sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, to $7.9 billion. On Black Friday itself, the tally for online spending was $5 billion, up massively from $3.34 billion last year.Both Black Friday and Thanksgiving online spending levels set new all time records, according to Adobe.


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