• Jupiter Moon Europa might be habitable for alien life suggests water plumes in NASA image - Science Examiner

    The case of a Giant plume of water vapour on Jupiter;s possibly life supporting moon Europa just got stronger. NASA;s Hubble Space Telescope has spotted tantalizing indications of such a plume on various circumstances over the past half decade; however, those estimations were close to the limits of the powerful instrument;s affectability. In another report by experts expresses that NASA;s Galileo Jupiter test, which orbited the planet from 1995 to 2003, recognized a possible Europa tuft, during a close flyby of the icy moon in 1997Study lead author Xianzhe Jia, an associate professor in the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering at the University of Michigan. The information provided by the newly analyzed Galileo is compelling and it s independent evidence that states that there is a possibility of the plume on Europa.


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  • NASA finds Plume of water on Europa; Best place to find alien life? - International Business Times, Singapore Edition

    Europa has long been considered the most potential place to find alien life, as it hosts a giant underground ocean. However, getting to it is almost impossible because of the thick crust of ice on the satellite's surface which would stop us from reaching the beneath of the ocean. Scientists believe that the Europa's ocean resides under an ice layer which is 10 to 15 miles thick, and it has an estimated depth of 40 to 100 miles.The plume of water was discovered by NASA scientists when they analyzed the data collected by Nasa's Galileo spacecraft during a 1997 flyby. Scientists found that a bend in Europa's magnetic field is caused by a geyser gushing through its frozen crust from a subsurface ocean. The Galileo spacecraft apparently flew 124 miles (200km) above Europa's surface through the plume.


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  • Europa May Have Plumes Of Water On It – And Potentially Alien Life - Science Trends

    The geysers of water vapor emitted from Europa were probably hundreds of miles high, and they could have profound implications for the search for life on Europa.As Galileo made a close pass over the surface of Europa, dipping below an altitude of 400 kilometers (250 miles), its sensors suddenly emitted strange signals that NASA scientists weren t able to explain. Galileo #8217;s instruments had detected a sudden and dramatic increase in the density of plasma that the craft was flying through. Margaret Kivelson, one of the lead scientists on the Galileo mission, said that until recently they never understood the anomalous features detected in the December 1997 reconnaissance of Europa.


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  • Report: White House, EPA sought to block release of water pollution study - CBS News

    "The public, media, and Congressional reaction to these numbers is going to be huge," a White House aide, who was not identified, said in an email, Politico reported."The impact to EPA and the Defense Department is going to be extremely painful," the email reportedly said. "We (DoD and EPA) cannot seem to get ATSDR to realize the potential public relations nightmare this is going to be."


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  • Admin Blocked Publication Of Water Contamination Report Over Fear Of PR 'Nightmare' - TPM

    The report by the Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) was set to publish in January, disclosing that a dangerous level of toxic chemicals had contaminated water near military bases and other areas from New York to Michigan to West Virginia. The study would also reveal that the chemicals are riskier to human health at a level lower than what the EPA has previously deemed safe, Politico reported. According to an email obtained by Politico, one White House aide warned early this year that the reaction to the report would be huge and extremely painful to the EPA and the Department of Defense.


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  • The White House Tried to Bury a Report About Poisoned Drinking Water - Fortune

    The report from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry found that the water supply near military bases, chemical plants, and other locations was at a quality level significantly lower than what the EPA considers safe.In an email, one White House employee said: The public, media, and Congressional reaction to these numbers is going to be huge The impact to EPA and the Defense Department is going to be extremely painful. We (DoD and EPA) cannot seem to get ATSDR to realize the potential public relations nightmare this is going to be.


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  • NASA spacecraft provides new evidence of water plumes on Europa - Financial Express

    ;There now seem to be too many lines of evidence to dismiss plumes at Europa,; said Robert Pappalardo, Europa Clipper project scientist at NASA;s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the US. ;This result makes the plumes seem to be much more real and, for me, is a tipping point. These are no longer uncertain blips on a faraway image,; said Pappalardo. At the time of the 1997 flyby, about 200 kilometers above Europa;s surface, the Galileo team did not suspect the spacecraft might be grazing a plume erupting from the icy moon. When they examined the information gathered during that flyby 21 years ago, sure enough, high resolution magnetometer data showed something strange. Drawing on what scientists learned from exploring plumes on Saturn;s moon Enceladus #8211; that material in plumes becomes ionised and leaves a characteristic blip in the magnetic field #8211; they knew what to look for.Scientists detected a brief, localised bend in the magnetic field that had never been explained. They layered the magnetometry and plasma wave signatures into new 3D modelling developed at the University of Michigan in the US, which simulated the interactions of plasma with solar system bodies. The final ingredient was the data from Hubble that suggested dimensions of potential plumes, NASA said. The result that emerged, with a simulated plume, was a match to the magnetic field and plasma signatures the team pulled from the Galileo data.


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  • Nasa finds plume of water coming from Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting it could be the best ... - The Independent

    Huge plumes of water have been spurting out of Europa, one of Jupiter s moons and it might be the best place in our solar system to find aliens.The shock finding comes from a new look at old data, and has led scientists to confirm that the moon is a leading candidate in our search for alien life.


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  • Hidden Water On Moon? Lunar Meteorite Mineral Hints At Possibility - International Business Times

    However, just recently, a group of scientists hailing from Japan found an evidence that suggests frozen caches of water might be hiding under the dusty lunar surface. The find, if confirmed, could mean a major breakthrough in science and enable long term water supply for future lunar explorers and colonizers.The evidence in question is a mineral called moganite. It only forms in the presence of water and has been observed in a lunar meteorite discovered in an African desert some 13 years ago. As Gizmodo reported, the discovery of the crystal like structure is unprecedented as all lunar surface samples brought back as part of the Apollo missions didn t have any trace of water.


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  • Carnival Dream cruise becomes nightmare after water line breaks - wtvr.com

    One passenger, Marla DeAnn Haase, posted pictures and video to Facebook of conditions on the ship Thursday, WGNO reported.Carnival spokeswoman Annemarie Matthews said the the ship left New Orleans April 29 for a seven day cruise of the Western Caribbean.


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