• Hulu's mobile and web apps get the new live TV guide, better recommendations and more - TechCrunch

    The changes were announced this afternoon by Hulu SVP, Head of Experience, Ben Smith, during his keynote address at The Pay TV Show event in Denver.Some of the updates had already made their way to other platforms, and are now heading to mobile and web.


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  • The new AI-powered Google News app is now available for iOS - TechCrunch

    The idea is to make finding and consuming news easier than ever, whilst providing an experience that;s customized to each reader and supportive of media publications. The AI element is designed to learn from what you read to help serve you a better selection of content over time, while the app is presented with a clear and clean layout.Opening the app brings up the tailored #8216;For You #8217; tab which acts as a quick briefing, serving up the top five stories #8220;of the moment #8221; and a tailored selection of opinion articles and longer reads below it.


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  • Canal+ gives up on its cable box, switches to Apple TV - TechCrunch

    Canal has been around for decades and was the first premium TV channel in France. Over the years, the company started distributing all sorts of premium channels through satellite, cable and partnerships with internet service providers.While you had to get your own Canal set top box to receive Canal 15 years ago, the company s own box has slowly become irrelevant. As all the main French internet service providers give you a set top box, Canal has partnered with them to offer multiple add ons to receive Canal s content.


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  • Anyone could download Cambridge researchers' 4-million-user Facebook data set for years - TechCrunch

    The data were collected as part of a personality test, myPersonality, which, according to its own wiki (now taken down), was operational from 2007 to 2012, but new data was added as late as August of 2016. It started as a side project by the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre;s David Stillwell (now deputy director there), but graduated to a more organized research effort later. The project ;has close academic links,; the site explains, ;however, it is a standalone business.; (Presumably for liability purposes; the group never charged for access to the data.)Though #8220;Cambridge #8221; is in the name, there #8217;s no real connection to Cambridge Analytica, just a very tenuous one through Aleksandr Kogan, which is explained below.


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  • Google to acquire cloud migration startup Velostrata - TechCrunch

    Velostrata helps companies migrate from on premises datacenters to the cloud, a common requirement today as companies try to shift more workloads to the cloud. It;s not always a simple matter though to transfer those legacy applications, and that;s where Velostrata could help Google Cloud customers.As I wrote in 2014 about their debut, the startup figured out a way to decouple storage and compute and that had wide usage and appeal. #8220;The company has a sophisticated hybrid cloud solution that decouples storage from compute resources, leaving the storage in place on premises while running a virtual machine in the cloud, #8221; I wrote at the time.


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  • Android blatantly copies the iPhone X navigation gestures - TechCrunch

    As part of Android P, we re introducing a new system navigation that we ve been working on for more than a year now, VP of Android Engineering Dave Burke said. And the new design makes Android multitasking more approachable and easier to understand. While Google has probably been working on a new multitasking screen for a year, it s hard to believe that the company didn t copy Apple. The iPhone X was unveiled in September 2017.


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  • Google's new Android App Bundles promise to make apps radically smaller - TechCrunch

    As Google;s Stephanie Cuthbertson told me, large download sizes are often an issue for users in developing countries, but elsewhere, too, users often balk at installing large apps. ;Apps are targeting more countries than over, they have more features than ever,; she told me. ;But we know the larger apps are, the fewer installs they get.;


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  • Gemini's Tyler Winklevoss informs Bill Gates that actually he can short bitcoin - TechCrunch

    ;Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are kind of a pure #8216;greater fool theory; type of investment,; Gates told CNBC on Monday. ;I would short it if there was an easy way to do it.;It wasn #8217;t clear if Gates was aware that there is indeed a way to short bitcoin and that he finds it cumbersome or if he just doesn #8217;t really follow this whole crazy cryptocurrency thing at all. Still, that didn #8217;t keep singular Winklevii Tyler Winklevoss from weighing in with what is, dare we say, almost an own.


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  • Snap's CFO is out and a veteran Amazon exec is taking his place - TechCrunch

    Vollero was the company;s first CFO and has presided over Snap finances since joining less than three years ago. Since going public a little over one year ago, Snap has endured some rather turbulent times on Wall Street.After opening at $24, the company #8217;s lackluster user growth numbers and ruthless competition from Facebook has left the company trading below $11 currently. This follows a particularly rough quarterly earnings report last week that saw user growth crawl and left the stock price diving.