Delete whatsapp messages from all the devices??

It’s been one of the biggest troubles facing instant messaging since it began: what happens if you wish you’d never sent that text? This can be a particular problem for those of us who are part of multiple group chats with friends and family members, and are prone to sending unsavory content — accidentally select the wrong group, and you could find yourself in trouble.

Well, I bring good news, folks: WhatsApp has a solution on its way soon. According to the WhatsApp FAQ page (via Android Police), the app is receiving a global delete method for your messages, meaning you can remove them from your device, and from recipients’ devices, after sending them.

This was seen working in the WhatsApp Beta app version 2.17.399, but it looks like it could be a server-side rollout; others on that version don’t have the same functionality and WhatsApp hasn’t revealed exactly when it will appear for all users.

WhatsApp helps billions of people make plans and meet up with friends — and not just through its messaging and calling features. The app also has a “share location” function that you might be familiar …

When you try to delete a message from a conversation, you will receive a popup asking if you want to delete it just for yourself or delete it for everyone (why you would want to do the former, I don’t really know). It’s also said to work for images, videos, GIFs and more.


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