Made By Google | Google Pixel Event
#MadeByGoogle #GooglePixelEvent #Android #Google #MobileTech It’s that time of year again when Google goes HAM and, out does the current mobile tech industry leaders. 

“ Today, we introduced our second generation family of consumer hardware products, all made by Google: new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, an all new Pixelbook, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. We see tremendous potential for devices to be helpful, make your life easier, and even get better over time when they’re created at the intersection of hardware, software and advanced artificial intelligence (AI). “ - Google 

Meet the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

What’s Hot -
  • Improved design over last year’s model
  • Improved camera over last year’s model
  • Unlimited Storage via Google Drive
  • Long lasting / fast-charging battery
  • First Android Device(s) to receive Google Lens
  • Front Facing speakers are revived from the Nexus Days…

What’s Not -
  • Google is pulling an apple and hiding specs…
  • Google finally cut the cord on 3.5mm headphone Jacks.
  • No wireless charging


Meet Google Home Mini and Google Home Max What’s Hot
  • Google Home Mini is affordable
  • Google Home Max Smart Sound tech is amazing (if it works as advertised).
  • 12-months of google music with every purchase of Google Home Max

What’s Not
  • Google Home Max holds a premium price tag
  • No internal battery for these devices so they will require a wall plug.

Meet the New Google Pixel Book What’s Hot -
  • Design
  • Versatile
  • Boots in seconds
  • 15mins will give you a 2 hour charge…
  • Google Play Store Support
  • Always Connected
  • Nice Stylus Pen with Google Search Features
  • Works seamless with Google’s Ecosystem

What’s Not -
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t Ship with Pen / Stylus
  • Stylus is $100

Meet the Google Pixel Buds What’s Hot -
  • Mostly Wireless
  • Access to Google Assastant
  • Real-Time Translation
  • Decent battery life

What’s Not -
  • Real-Time Translation appears to be just for Pixel owners
  • The buds by them self appears to only hold a 5 hours listening charge.

Meet the Google Clip

What’s Hot
  • A camera that allows everyone to be in the memories
  • We may have our first smart action camera…





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