Innovation and Sony

Innovation is the name of game for all those who are concerned themselves wih the technology. Then can be students, big technical firms or a common man. But the one and foremost name that comes in our mind is of SONY. SONY has done a lot for consumer electronics, lots of ideas and lots of innovations especially in Imaging and Camera technology. But that is a differenct scenario where SONY is in losses for continously more than 3 years. It is restructuring its TV business but lets see what happens next.

SONY and innovation are two adjoined terms. SONY proved its calibre when it had introduced the Walkman some 30 years back, when the music on the go was a dream. This was SONY who came up first with the real model and concept of LCD TV. SONY started its success with the radio and transistors in 1950s and 1960s.

In the words of SONY, "we’ve designed our wearable and new Xperia smart products as integrated sensor and software experiences. Sony is a company that creates and enhances experiences every day – going to the cinema, listening to live music, visiting art exhibitions, receiving pictures from your friends, or just speaking to your loved ones on the phone, these are all experiences – yes they are enabled by technology, but the human element is what is valuable in them. It’s this that powers our vision. Take Xperia Projector for example, the concept is designed both for those who wish to access entertainment or work in a larger format and for families who wish to enjoy entertainment and games together. Our vision is that the projection isn’t just making your content bigger, but fully interactive also – responding to touch, voice and gestures. It’s designed so you have more time to experience the world around you and communicate with those you care about."

Sony has one of the best R&D teams that are working together from last many years. Even in the field of camera technology which is improving day by day, Sony is one of the pioneer who is working on new camera technologies. Some years back Sony was limited to only point and shoot cameras, but today the scene is totally different.

While realizing their potential as a producer of entry-level DSLRs, Sony also recognized that to be taken seriously as a camera manufacturer, they would have to address professional DSLR users in the form of a “full-frame” camera with an imaging sensor that is about the same size as a 35mm film frame. Sony’s first effort, aimed squarely at professional photographers in this regard, was the Alpha DSLR-A900.

In 2014 Sony has started its Seed Acceleration program to capture new ideas from common man beyond their existing business categories.

The CEO said that despite all this, Sony still has the ability to innovate.

"Sony is committed to making sure we innovate on both fronts - traditional products and also really new ideas, sometimes wacky ideas, but ideas that really wow our customers," Hirai told CNBC in a TV interview.

While Sony is working on its Mobile division, it is also working on its major profitable division i.e. Playstation. Playstation4 was the biggest hit for the company and they are also focussing on this department. There were specuations about selling of its mobile and TV business but Sony cleary denies the facts and said they are continuing working on these devisions.

"Now that televisions have been a very profitable business for us, we are ready to hit the gas and really innovate in that space as well to make sure that....the Sony an exciting brand within consumers' homes. The TV business is very important to us."


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