Impact of Reliance Jio on Indian citizens?v

"I've been using Reliance Jio since July, 2016. I bought a Lyf 4g handset at a mere Rs 3000 and started using Jio's free services." - Random Customer

Before jio's arrival people were spending a lot especially on their Internet charges but after jio, the situation has become changed. People are using more internet and the mobile data toggle switch is a history now with the jio customers.

It has actually created history. And due to this only the Social media is more powerful. Social media is going forward than the Digit/TV media.

The first six free months of jio made everyone to use Facebook and WhatsApp unconditionally. It allowed everyone to share posts, videos and all other messages regarding the massive event any time without considering it's size and the data usage. It reaches everyone quickly and result in a historic event in the India. ( A peaceful protest). Whatelse impact you needs other than this!

Historically Reliance always changed the game of Indian telecom industry. Remember the CDMA phone offered for 501 INR back in 2003? I remember people running left and right to get a phone. It was truly a game changer then.

Now 13 years later, Reliance changing the game again.

The business strategies are not something heard before. They offered free Internet for free of cost for first 6 months. Now with Jio-Prime, they extended the offers to large majority.

Jio’s rollout was massive across the country. But the network, jio is continuously working on its network. Airtel was charging Rs. 259/- for 1 GB 3G internet and jio is providing unlimited 4G for 3 months with a recharge of less than Rs. 350/- where the user can get free calls and free roaming.

Carriers investing more in strengthening their network. Airtel investing $2.5 billion in FY 2018 increasing their network capacity. The action resulted by fierce completion from Jio.

Access to high speed Internet creates more business opportunities, rich content access, better education, modern communication tools etc. Though India has largest mobile Internet user base in the world, cost and quality of services are barriers for common man.

Customers now has access to internet content better than before. This should create positive impact to the industry. India produces wide variety of content in several local languages. Jio had activation issues during initial launch time and the customer care was not sufficient to address the issues from customers at a massive scale. Now Jio connection can be taken and activated easily using using your fingerprint (Aadhaar Number (UIDAI)).

Carriers are consolidating - Vodafone and Idea has merged now to face this tough competition with jio. This should result in better coverage and service for their customers. It’s arguable and debatable about Jio’s practices and other telecom like airtel and vodafone has raised many complaints to TRAI. However, rest of the carriers are no saints. Also The country needs strong law and enforcement to protect users privacy. A 99 INR Jio prime membership is required to enjoy the free services. There’s no absolute clarity on what happens after 1 year.

Some are concerned when Anonymous, a hacktivist group reported that Jio reselling call data to U.S and Singapore based Ad networks. I don’t know how safe and secure the Aadhaar based authentications and how our fingerprints are being used. Privacy and Security should be more transparent to the people.

So, what was the environment before and after jio as per one of the customer from Quora:-

1> Used to download tonnes of movies from college DC++ before going to vacations.
2> Only used to check cricket match scores.
3> Forget about video streaming (Youtube).
4> Bills (in summer vacations last year ~ 2.5 months):-

>>>>620/month for shitty BSNL BroadBand (8GB high speed, then slow Internet).
>>>>Since above mention service is not reliable(was out of service for 10 days), I used to have backup Internet of Idea (~2GB 3G for 350/month<can’t remember exact amount>).
>>>> For calling ~80Rs/month.
>>>> Approximate total = (80+620+350)*(2.5 months)=2625 Rs.

1> Can download movies according to my mood, anytime.
2> Now I usually watch live matches on Hotstar.
3> Now I open youtube, Instagram, other data consuming sites more frequently.
4> Bill = 408Rs/3 months.

“Jio” in itself is a revolution that changed the whole scenario of telecom industry in India. The reason behind is none other than owner of reliance industries Mukesh Ambani .

India in particular is huge market for every business. Entry of 4G in india was made by Jio creating historical landmarks. Jio free offer caused a data war in country which lead other operators to worry and slash their data and call rates. Finally all the benefit was to the customers as cellular facilities became hell cheaper.

Jio crossed 100 million user base within 6 month Reliance Jio crosses 100 million users within 6 months - Times of India . They introduces product along with free Jio offer which helped jio to get profitable as well.

I was travelling in metro and seen people busy in their phone . I hope this is the Impact of jio . other telecom giants were charging 1Gb 4G in at least 250 rs . Jio has given free for first 6 month and later they charge very reasonable price . The below picture suits for this . The one more reason for rise in user base for jio because of consumer friendly , be it online to offline . This epic tweet from Amitabh Bachchan and see reply from Jio official account.

The Battlefield shits from cheaper calls to cheaper data: Gone are the days when Tata Docomo raised the bar by offering one paisa per second call, now the fight is over the internet data packs and luring customers with faster connection and cheapest rates specially in post Jio era.

It creates a positive impact in peoples life. People are now getting into digital world and experiencing better experiences. Jio helps in learning and using Internet as a source to develop ourselves.






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