Employee Stability.... Does it matter?

week back I went for an interview in an IT company, everything was going fine and the panel was also looking satisfied with my interview. I have cleared the technical round and then in the HR round, the HR asks by looking at my CV, You've changed 3 jobs in your 12 years of career, any specific reason?

Believe me I don't know what is the reason behind such questions because stability totally depends on the company in which the employee is working. If there are no sufficient employee policies in a company, or there are no salary increments, or the unskilled people are sitting on higher positions then most of the employees will try to find their way in another company.

There is one more point to consider, that, such question also acts as negative to throw out the candidate. The best answer should be Stability of an employee depends on the working and behavior of the company. But, well said, a candidate wants job and he tries to reply in every positive way.

There were days when companies used to recruit the candidate based on their talent and requirement but now a days, companies recruits lots of candidates and dozens of them finds themselves on bench and then we all know.

Now, let's come back to stability, if a person is working in a company for 10 years then the next company will ask him, boss why you were working there from last 10 years, don't ever you try to find something new for you? means problem is at both ends.

There are different types of employees, some are limited to do work and take monthly payment and go home, that is it for them. They don't contribute extra to their company.

There are employees who are loyal to their company for years and ages but now the trend has been changed, in this competitive era, loyalty not works only output works and productivity works. So, staying in a company for 10 years will give you nothing but switching companies within the span of 3 - 4 years will be profitable for your company and you as well.

Some good employees are invisible in the sea, just because they dont want to or their managers dont want them to come out. This is good in a short span but in a long run, you need to be come out to show your extra skills. So, dont fly under the radar.

Some employee thinks they will get the enough training in their company but company still wants more and expects more from them, so be a learner with job.

Solution: Is there any? Companies should be broad minded, they should understand that they are hiring a required candidate against salary. If he is satisfied with the work and salary he will work and work and work. and , one day their employer eventually shows them the Exit door.


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