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    Former staff member of SSR says that even the actor witnessed paranormal activities

    MUMBAI : #JusticeforSushant has been trending on social media since we heard about he unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput.

    With every passing day, the case is witnessing new twists and turns.

    Fans are saying that the police and concerned authorities are not fulfilling their duties properly.

    Evidence and reports are being manipulated and tampered with in this case.(ALSO READ : Ankita Lokhande voices 'gratitude' after Sushant case CBI probe decision ).

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    Haunts & Jaunts author publishes book of paranormal and historical columns

    By Nancy Price Rick Hinton, author of Haunts amp; Jaunts, a weekly paranormal column for The Southside Times, has published his third book.

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    The Ghostbusters Have Been Added To LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

    Things have gotten spookier in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, so there was only one team to call to be added as the Ghostbusters are in the game.

    Gameloft has added the beloved franchise into the game as you can play as five different characters. You have your pick of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zedmore, and Slimer to add to your party and head off into battle with.

    Along with the ability to unlock special sets like Ecto 1.

    The designs for all four are taken from the 1984 film with as best detail as they could add to the LEGO versions, including Venkman''s uniform being covered in slime from the first time he encountered Slimer.

    We got more info on it for you here, as well as a small trailer for you to see them in action.

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    Ghost of Tsushima becomes PS4’s fastest selling first-party original IP debut

    Sucker Punch;s Ghost of Tsushima has been announced as the fast selling original IP debut for the PlayStation 4, with over 2.4 million copies sold over its first three days of release worldwide.After PlayStation ''s Twitter account broke the news, Sucker Punch replied, "We are so appreciative of everyone who contributed to such an amazing launch for Ghost of Tsushima.

    " The previous record holder of this marking was Horizon Zero Dawn, which sold 2.6 million copies over 2 weeks.

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    Are paranormal investigations in your own home a good idea?

    Paranormal investigators are a hearty lot, willing to explore a world of shadows and mysteries at the drop of a dime.

    However, when it becomes a matter of strange shenanigans in their own private residence, should they investigate? Most would say no There is no better justification for investigations than helping someone in need and providing answers. But who s going to help you when your fortress of solitude is invaded? You begin to look for reasons:.

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  • Sheffield United join ranks of football’s famous ghost goals

    Sheffield United were denied a goal in the first half of their Premier League game against Aston Villa due to a Hawkeye technical error.

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    GhostWire: Tokyo - Story, Spirits and 3D Sound Detailed

    Learn more about the terrifying Visitors you;ll encounter in supernatural Tokyo.Posted By Ravi Sinha On 12th, Jun.

    2020 Under News.

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  • India’s first paranormal hotline is live, and it’s receiving a lot of calls

    As casual as this seems, the real highlight of this story is the hotline ''s founder.

    As a self proclaimed "Paranormal Boy ", Alani has made a fine following for himself over his decade long career in paranormal investigation.

    Turns out tracking down ghosts can even land you with a few Ted Talks.

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  • Dan Aykroyd Narrates Haunting New Series: Hotel Paranormal

    Ghostbuster and expert of all things paranormal, Dan Aykroyd, has lent his authoritative voice to #8216;Hotel Paranormal;, an original new 10 part documentary premiering Friday, May 15 at 9pm on T amp;E.Each episode in the series features unsettling stories of paranormal encounters that were experienced by people staying at grand hotels, highway motels and short term rentals around the world.

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    'Hotel Paranormal’: Host Dan Aykroyd counts down Top 5 haunted hotels in Canada

    Aykroyd is paranormal obsessed for the moment as he;s taking on a narrating role for Hotel Paranormal, the upcoming TV show that follows the terrifying stories of those who claim to have come face to face with otherworldly hotel guests.When it comes to haunted hotels, Aykroyd, 67, says, "When you have thousands of people in a building for more than 50, 60, 100 years, in one building, all those experiences, the residue they re leaving behind and the wake we all leave a wake like a boat behind us allows the past to invade upon the present. "

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    You Can Get Paid To Be A Paranormal Enthusiast

    If we were still in the 1980s, we would probably call the Ghostbusters to the rescue in case we experience or witness such a paranormal activity but today we can simply go to an expert i.e a paranormal investigator.

    A paranormal investigator is a professional who examines mysterious and unexplained occurrences.

    A person in this area is required to remain calm, sensible and absolutely level headed.

    One should be able to predict and prepare for upcoming events which may be unexpected and must not panic easily.

    The person should be able to handle the situation without getting scared and must be able to confidently work under pressure.

    If you have always wanted to dig deep in understanding paranormal activities and are thinking of making money out of it, these are some of the tasks you will have to perform as a paranormal expert:.

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    Dan Aykroyd Narrates 'Hotel Paranormal’ In Eerie First Look At Upcoming Docuseries

    Dan Aykroyd is lending his familiar voice to an eerie new series.In the first look at "Hotel Paranormal ", T E ''s new original 10 part documentary series follows the terrifying and unbelievably true stories of regular people who have come face to face with ghostly hotel guests, narrated by the Canadian icon.

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    My Hero Academia Teases the So-Called Paranormal Singularity Theory

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    This World Paranormal Day, Laal Ishq talks about creating 230 ghosts and what goes behind making them look scary

    A ghost must be fearsome enough to match the imagination of fear in one s mind.

    There are multiple steps involved in creating a ghost, right from conceiving a thought to building a scary character.

    The producers of Laal Ishq have some interesting insights to share with you this World Paranormal Day.

    We have had around 230 ghosts on Laal Ishq.

    To make them look real and frightening to the audience, a lot of prosthetic make up is used on them.

    These prosthetics take approximately 4 5 days to be made and even after that, if they don t look a certain way then we get it redone which is an extensive process to go through.

    After this, in the postproduction phase, the editing involves heavy VFX which plays another important role in the making of the ghost.

    We rely heavily on VFX and prosthetics while making the ghost look petrifying and spooky.

    Mayank Mishra who plays a ghost in Laal Ishq shares his experience of working in the show.

    He goes on to say, Taking up the role of a ghost is mentally and physically challenging as one doesn t get a chance to showcase who he is.

    It takes up almost 6 hours for me to get ready for my role in Laal Ishq due to the heavy prosthetics and costume.

    The initial thought that crossed my mind when I took up the role was that this is going to be challenging.

    Also, I secretly dreamt of playing the bad ghost while growing up.

    Every child has a certain perception of a ghost and I got to play one which was a great opportunity to come out of my fantasy world.

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  • World Paranormal Day: Laal Ishq reveals making of 230 ghosts, tech that makes them look scary

    With television and cinema booming with interesting content, fantasy horror has always been an audience ''s favourite.

    amp;TV ''s Laal Ishq which showcases this genre perfectly has made its place in the audience ''s heart with its intriguing and spooky content.

    3 month(s) ago

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    William Is Adorably Spooked By Seemingly Paranormal Doll On “The Return of Superman”

    On the April 5 episode of KBS 2TV s The Return of Superman, William set out to organize his large toy collection.

    After taking many of his toys to a recycling centre, he could not bear to part ways with them so quickly, so he took a long, sulky stroll around the store.In contrast to Bentley, who was excited by almost all of the items he saw, the only toy that caught William s eye was a small baby doll.

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  • Perfectly Paranormal shows Helheim Hassle off in new video

    Death is scary to think about and so is the afterlife in Valhalla, I think we can all agree.

    If you don''t, then at least we can rest assured that the protagonist of Perfectly Paranormal''s upcoming puzzle adventure game Helheim Hassle is on the same page as us on the matter.

    In Helheim Hassle, you take control over young Viking Bj rn who has managed to get himself killed.

    The young man is resurrected, however, by a mysterious individual called Pesto but something goes wrong in the resurrection process, granting Bj rn the ability to detach and combine his limbs in any way he sees fit (to the disgust of those around him, naturally).With his newfound ability, the young Viking sees a way to negotiate his way out of the afterlife and it''s up to the player to navigate the game''s 14 puzzle heavy levels to find a magical item for Pesto and, in turn, being granted entry to Helheim using wit and..



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  • Dave Grohl Bothered by Paranormal Activity While Recording Foo Fighters' New Album

    AceShowbiz Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had terrifying encounters with a ghostly apparition while recording the band''s new record.

    The rockers worked on their 10th studio album in a house in Encino, California that dated back to the 1940s and Grohl claims the sessions were disrupted by ghouls who messed with their equipment.

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