• PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 with Livik map to launch on July 7

    The aforementioned update will be available under the upcoming Ancient Secret Mode. In order to bump up the excitement among players, Tencent is said to add two new maps where the players can enjoy the upcoming gameplay mode.

    Apart from the two new maps, the players will also be able to enjoy the Ancient Secret Mode on the existing Miramar and Erangel maps.

    While the new gameplay mode itself sounds quite intriguing, the players will also notice a change in the lobby where the new animation would match the gameplay mode they are about to play.

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    Mi Smart Band 4C Tracker With Heart-Rate Monitor, Colour Display Launched as Affordable Alternative

    Mi Smart Band 4C has been launched by Xiaomi in Malaysia, and the new fitness tracker is claimed to offer a battery life of 14 days, a 1. 08 inch screen, a heart rate monitor, and a super affordable price tag.

    While the Beijing based tech firm launched the latest iteration of their flagship fitness wearable the Mi Band 5 earlier in June, their latest offering is touted to be a cheaper variant of the Mi Band 4, with several useful features.

    As mentioned, the new activity tracker by Xiaomi has only been launched in Malaysia for now, and there are no details about when it will make its way to other markets.

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    Amazon Prime Video Has the Most Shows, but Netflix Slays the Competition With Quality

    twitter flipboard social share Flipboard Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn Email Copy Link Comments Our pals at Reelgood. com have helped us before with a look at content found on the major streaming services and helped to determine which service has not only the most content but also the highest quality.

    Reelgood has updated the data again, concentrating on the TV shows you can find to watch mdash;and how many of them are really worth watching.

    It shows the number of licensed shows versus original shows on each service, but only those that are considered high quality.

    0 or higher average rating by users of IMDb (also, each show has to have at least 300 or more votes to be included, which provides some good statistical validity to the numbers).

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    What Modi Signalled With Excursion To Nimu - by Mukul Kesavan

    So, what did it signify? The Prime Minister''s speech and his itinerary suggests that he was addressing a domestic audience, or rather, a domestic audience made up of three constituencies. These were the troops in front of him seated in socially distanced rows of chairs in a desolate terrain.

    Elsewhere, there was the large constituency of former soldiers and veterans outraged by the Chinese ambush who are politically significant because at times like this they help make the political weather.

    Encompassing both constituencies was the nation at large waiting to hear how its Prime Minister, avowedly committed to meeting military aggression with swift retaliation, planned to deal with China''s violent encroachment.

    Apart from paying tribute to the valour and sacrifice of the soldiers arrayed in front of him, the Prime Minister spoke in general terms about the futility of 'expansionism' and India''s readiness, despite its peaceful nature, to defend itself against aggression.

    In keeping with the tenor of his speeches to India''s Chief Ministers and the recent all party conference, he did not name the enemy.

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    'Learn to live with Covid-19, no other option left', says Karnataka CM

    Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday said that the "country will have to learn to live with coronavirus as there are no options". Yediyurappa made the remark after paying tribute to Babu Jagjivan Ram, on his death anniversary, at a ceremony in Vidhana Soudha.

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    Denise Richards Shuts Down Relationship Rumours With Brandi Glanville In Her Latest Interview !

    In April, Brandi Glanville made claims that she and Denise Richards were in a secret affair. She said that they hooked up more than once, which sparked big rumors about their relationship.

    Very recently, Brandi Glanville posted a picture with Denise where they are giving each other a peck on the cheeks.

    Many thought it was just a regular picture while there was a big section that confirmed that the two were in a relationship.

    Denise has realized that the rumours may have gotten out of hand, and it was time to put an end to it.

    She said, "People are always going to say stuff, and I know my truth, my husband does it is what it is.

    I 've had so much stuff said over the years about my family and me, and this is like nothing compared to some of the things that have been said.

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    Samsung Galaxy M41 With 6,800mAh Battery Spotted on 3C Certification Site: Report

    Samsung Galaxy M41 has reportedly surfaced on China''s 3C certification site with the model number EB BM415ABY. As per a screenshot, the Galaxy M41 houses a massive 6,800mAh battery and received the mandatory certification on June 28.

    Notably, the phone''s battery has also appeared on South Korea''s certification body, Safety Korea site.

    Last year, a notable tipster had suggested the development of the Samsung phone and indicated that it would come out with triple rear cameras and 6GB RAM.

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  • State-sanctioned brutality: Report finds many police fail to comply with basic human rights laws

    Posted by TheGuardian Jul 5, 2020 BLM MKE, Syndicated Police in America s biggest cities are failing to meet even the most basic international human rights standards governing the use of lethal force, a new study from the University of Chicago has found. .

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    Singer Richi Banna demands CBI inquiry in actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case

    Pune UNI: Eminent Bollywood singer and young leader of Rajput community Richi Banna on Sunday demanded an inquiry by the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) into the suicide case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. .

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    Can the Standing Committee meeting make Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli step down?

    Despite the ongoing rift within his party, Oli on Saturday evening warned his cabinet members to embrace themselves for the worst, asking them to decide on ”whose side they would perform ” hinting at the possible split of the party. Oli also deferred the Central Standing Committee meeting, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday morning, till July 6 (.

    Despite the heaving political drama in the country, the parliamentary session has been prorogued on Thursday without any clue as to when it will resume.

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    Pakistan to have medical, electromagnetic industry within next three years: Fawad

    ”And I have no doubts that the United States will be our major client, ” he said in a tweet. The federal minister said that, ”We are already exporting sanitizers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the United States ”.

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  • Young doctor owns record by carving 59 bone names on pencil lead within 13 hrs

    Pattambi (Palakkad): A young doctor has proved her talent in pencil carving by writing the names of 59 bones of human body on pencil lead within 13 hours. When the Indian Book of Records 2021 is published, it will include the name Dr Arshiya Shereef Thumbil for her talent in the micro art of pencil carving.

    An Ayurvedic doctor by profession, Arshiya was attracted to pencil carving after watching a video on Instagram.

    As she is busy at Shoranur Ayurveda Samajam as a doctor, she spent her leisure time for the micro art.

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  • Explained: Professional courses Pakistan offers to Kashmiri students

    For over two decades, the Pakistan government has been reserving an special quota for the students of Jammu and Kashmir in all its professional courses, especially medical and engineering. The students also could take admission for higher education.

    Students from Jammu and Kashmir are broadly classified in two categories: a) those applying for admission under foreign student seats through the ministry of education, Pakistan, and b) the students applying for admission under the scholarship programme.

    The students applying through foreign student seats have to pay the normal fee that any foreign student pays.

    But under the scholarship programme, the students are provided 100 per cent scholarship, free accommodation and per diem.

    The students, whose parents or close relatives have been killed by the security forces in Kashmir or have suffered at the hands of Indian forces , are given preference for seats under the scholarship programme.

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  • 'America loves India’: Donald Trump thanks PM Modi for US Independence Day wish

    The Fourth of July #8212; also known as Independence Day or July 4th is a federal holiday in the US commemorating the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. Prime Minister Modi on Saturday congratulated President Trump and the people of the US on the country ''s 244th Independence Day, saying as the world ''s largest democracies "we cherish freedom and human enterprise that this day celebrates ".

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    IAF ramping up deployment in key bases along border with China

    NEW DELHI : The Indian Air Force is significantly enhancing deployment of its frontline jets, attack helicopters and transport fleet in all its key bases guarding the airspace along the Line of Actual Control in view of heightened border tension with China in eastern Ladakh, people familiar with the development said on Saturday. The IAF has also pressed into service a fleet of C 17 Globemaster III transport aircraft as well as C 130J Super Hercules in transporting heavy military equipment and weaponry to several forward bases to further ramp up India''s military preparedness in the region.

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    From Global Domination to Losing Perception War: How China Lost Plot, Locked Horns With India at Worst Time

    People have been quoting San Tzu, Chanakya and various warfare experts while discussing China India clash, the most serious one since 1962. It would be frivolous to imagine that the current disturbance is related to a few square kilometres of land.

    This land grab has two objectives first, grab the land for its strategic advantage and subdue the neighbour, a game it is trying against all its neighbours.

    Second, to put India down for daring to rise as a regional power and keep India occupied with the matters of securing its border and security environment.

    China had two choices to be number one and dominate the world a vision for which it had worked with single minded devotion.

    The other was soft power accumulated from centuries old civilisation that had survived the worst attacks, coupled with its rise as a technology power.

    This prowess of stupendous growth on the shoulders of clear vision, technical prowess and ruthless communist state machinery had earned respect of the world that had closed its eyes to the undemocratic nature of its governance.

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    Apple cider vinegar effects on the keto diet: Boost weight loss with ACV

    Apple cider vinegar is made of apples, as the name suggests, which could be a red flag for those on the keto diet. Keto diet followers avoid sugars in most forms, including in fruit.

    Luckily for those who want to take the vinegar on the diet, when the drink becomes an acid it is no longer a carbohydrate.

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    Trump thanks 'friend' PM Modi for Independence Day greetings, says 'America loves India'

    PM Modi had earlier tweeted, I congratulate @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump and the people of the USA on the 244th Independence Day of the USA. As the world s largest democracies, we cherish freedom and human enterprise that this day celebrates.

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    Thai Prime Minister pays respect to Supreme Patriarch ahead of Buddhist Lent

    His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch granted the audience to the Prime Minister at Wat Ratchabophit temple in Bangkok. .

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    COMMENTARY: Canadians deserve answers on Prime Minister Trudeau’s ties to WE Charity

    With the amounts of money being tossed around in Ottawa these days, $900 million doesn t quite seem as significant a figure as it might once have. While it may pale in comparison to the price tags of some other recent government initiatives, it s still the sort of expenditure that ought to require scrutiny and oversight.

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