Islamic community praise the pride march cancellation

    "We emphasize that we are postponing the march due to the epidemiological situation, but we draw attention to a number of problems that are the reality of the organization of LGBTQI public events", organizers stated two days ago.The very same day, a prominent representative of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo based imam Muhamed Veli , praised the news on his Facebook.

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    Polish LGBT people leaving as post-vote mood grows hostile

    WARSAW, Poland When a right wing populist party won the right to govern Poland five years ago, Piotr Grabarczyk feared bad things might happen to gay men like him and other LGBT people.

    He sometimes considered leaving the country, but waited.

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    How primary headteacher faced down anti-LGBT protesters outside school gates

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    Don''t miss our must read newsletterFor more than two months headteacher Sarah Hewitt Clarkson and the pupils at her primary school were subjected to constant protests outside the playground gates.

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    Governor imposing DP bill, not same-sex marriage

    Following the controversial debate in the LA last week, the premier had warned that the UK would likely impose same sex marriage instead of forcing through the Domestic Partnership Law, an opinion that was supported by a number of local attorneys and other commentators, and was an option that the local LGBT community had campaigned for.But the governor said in a statement that the Foreign Office had decided that passing a version of the current bill would be the right approach, as this would fully comply with the Court of Appeal judgment.

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    Lifetime Announces They Will Truly Make the Yuletide Gay

    Lifetime has beaten Hallmark to the gay Christmas punch.

    Sort of.

    While Hallmark recently announced that they would be adding LGBTQ characters and stories to their annual holiday movie bonanza, Lifetime, which also produces Christmas movies for television, has announced The Christmas Set Up, which will be their first move revolving around a gay couple YAY Here ''s the plot:.

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    Jul 31, 2020 0 United National Congress candidate for Diego Martin West has spoken her mind, frankly stating that she personally does not agree with gay marriage.

    She made the comment during a a #8216;quick fire ' round of questioning on urban radio station, Boomchampions 94.1FM.

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    Lewis Defended Gay Marriage in 2004 House Speech

    Members of Congress and the public paid tribute to the late U.S.


    John Lewis (D Ga.) this week at the U.S.

    Capitol in both a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, where his American flag draped coffin was placed, and on the steps outside the East Front of the Capitol, where members of the public also paid their respects to the civil rights legend.Lewis, who was serving his 17th term in Congress, died July 18 at the age of 80 from complications associated with pancreatic cancer.

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    Sam Smith, MUNA, & 6 More New Songs by LGBTQ+ Artists You Can't Miss

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    "Bodies " MUNA, The KnocksTalk about a power duo.

    MUNA and The Knocks combined their queer powers on the breezily nostalgic single "Bodies," an explosive yearning for summers past made all too appropriate of an anthem while we're still on lockdown.

    "'Bodies' was born of a nostalgia for the early mid aughts," said MUNA.

    "For house parties in the suburbs, for school and summer vacations, for being young.

    Almost instantly, it took on another meaning.

    It became about missing well, everything.

    Normal life had been suspended.

    We hit pause.

    We began to miss the unceasing togetherness of touring.

    We missed one another.

    The song became about the helplessness and loneliness inherent to this peculiar, terrifying era.

    We decided to capture that loneliness by shooting a one shot video of Katie masked up, rollerblading in slow motion early in the morning on a quiet street in Pasadena in early May.

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    EU keeps LGBT-hostile Polish towns out of local fund program

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) mdash; Six Polish towns that declared themselves as ”LGBT Free ” zones or banned campaigning for the rights of same sex couples had their requests for European Union community funding rejected, an EU spokesman said Wednesday.At a news conference in Brussels, spokesman Adalbert Jahnz confirmed that the EU turned down six applications from Poland for an EU program that funds activities to build links between communities in different nations.

    He refused to name the towns, citing an EU rule against identifying rejected applicants.

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    MacKenzie Scott, formerly Bezos, gives $46 million to LGBTQ nonprofits

    MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon CEO and billionaire Jeff Bezos, has donated $1.7 billion of her fortune to 116 nonprofits fighting for social and environmental justice, with $46 million of that total specifically going to groups advocating for LGBTQ equality.

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    French MPs debate ending restrictions on gay blood donors

    French MPs are debating whether to back moves to stop making some gay men wait four months before they are allowed to donate blood.

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    QueerCore Podcast Shines A Light On Lesbian Activist

    August Bernadicou is a 26 year old interviewer and archivist for unknown and untold stories about LGBTQ liberation and civil rights.

    In 2008, when August was 14 years old, he started recording interviews with LGBTQ activists from the 1950s through the AIDS Crisis.

    To date, August has done over 500 interviews.The QueerCore Podcasts elucidates radical, LGBTQ activists ' dark histories.

    It features the archival interviews I have conducted over the past 12 years. It is a spotlight on the catalysts who fought in the front lines, in the back lines and in the trenches of civil rights.

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    For transgenders, acceptance comes slowly

    The decision stoked hopes that old taboos about gender identity in China are slowly being laid to rest.Gao worked as a product director at the e commerce platform Dangdang.

    Then a man, she underwent gender change surgery in July 2018 to become a woman and was subsequently fired for taking two months off work to recuperate.

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  • 26 booked for kidnapping 4 transgender persons

    Rawalpindi In a bizarre turn of events, a man allegedly kidnapped four transgender persons from Rawal Road by luring them to perform at a wedding ceremony and kept them at a deserted place where he along with his unknown accomplices stripped them naked and tortured them to take revenge of humiliation he had to meet at the hands of transgender persons.Reportedly, the man sexually assaulted one of the four transgender persons.

    Police booked the man identified as Arslan Satti, hailing from Kotli Sattian and residing at Nilour Factory Area, along with 25 other unknown accomplices under kidnapping and sodomy charges and began investigation.

    However, no arrest was made so far.

    According to details, a man namely Arslan Satti visited a mansion of transgender persons located somewhere in Islamabad where he allegedly sodomised a transgender person.

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    I love reading transgender conspiracy theories - because they’re just so ridiculous

    I have a morbid fascination with reading dark conspiracy theories online.

    On one particular evening recently, I snuggled up with a cup of tea, scrolling through a pocket of the internet where some of the bleakest conversations about transgender people happen.

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  • Campaigners call on Scottish Government to ban LGBT 'conversion therapy'

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    Madonna: Madonna didn’t pay $1million tax for supporting LGBT in Russia. Why did Piers Morgan call Madonna “desperate “?

    Madonna boasted about not paying a $ 1 million fine slapped on her for supporting Russia;s LGBT community.

    On Monday she posted on Instagram and Twitter a video, showing part of her speech, ;I was fined $ 1 million by the govt.

    for supporting the gay community.;She added, " I never paid.

    " On the video Madonna exclaimed that people are afraid of those who are different.

    She called this a "very scary time " as there is intolerance around.

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    Barclays Close Christian Charity Bank Account Offering LGBT Conversion Therapy

    It follows criticism from LGBT activists, who say the bank the lead sponsor of Pride in London for several years was hypocritical.

    They argued supporting LGBT people with one hand while giving services to a charity that offers LGBT conversion therapy, is wrong.

    The widely discredited practice sees vulnerable people subjected to shock treatments and other cruel tortures, among other emotional, counselling, and physical techniques.

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