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    Chainalysis reveals the true state of ISIS’ Bitcoin war chest

    The claim was that the organization;s fund might be worth $300 million, as this same amount ended up missing in a search conducted since 2017. Schindler, who acts as a director of the Counter Extremism Project, stated that "This would be an ideal storage mechanism until it is needed.

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    Federal Grand Jury Indicts Pakistan Doctor For Attempting to Provide Support to ISIS

    Masood, who is licensed to practice medicine in Pakistan, had been working as a research coordinator at a medical clinic in Rochester, Minnesota under a temporary visa. In the complaint against Masood, he was accused of wanting to carry out "lone wolf" terrorist actions against the U.

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  • Is the threat from ISIS really more significant because of COVID-19?

    In ISIS s weekly publication, al Naba, the group called for the mujahideen to carry out strikes against the West during the pandemic. Both al Qaeda and ISIS also have claimed that COVID 19 is God s retribution for the West s decadence.

    In al Qaeda s propaganda arm, As Sahab, the group pronounced that COVID 19 has exposed the West s brittleness and the coronavirus is God s smallest soldier.

    ISIS and al Qaeda s verbal banter notwithstanding, can these groups realistically cash in on the COVID 19 crisis, or are their missives nothing more than empty threats?.

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    Britain's 'most wanted' ISIS terrorist 'hires martial arts thug as bodyguard'

    One of Britain s most wanted terrorists had a martial arts expert as a bodyguard after sneaking back to Europe, it is claimed. Abdel Majed Abdel Bary, 29, was arrested in Spain with two Algerians Kossaila Chollouha and another helper, sources say.

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    3 'Key' ISIS leaders including Abu Omar Khorasani arrested in Kabul, says NDS

    Kabul Afghanistan , May 12 (ANI): Afghan security forces have arrested top ISIS commander Zia Ul Haq, known as Abu Omar Khorasani along with two other top Daesh leaders. In a joint operation, Afghan police and National Directorate of Security (NDS) special forces apprehended Khorasani, who is Daesh leader for the south and east areas of Asia and an Afghanistan citizen, in the Kart e Naw area in PD8 of Kabul city.

    The two other terrorists the terror group''s head of public relations and its intelligence head were also apprehended.

    Five days ago, Afghanistan intelligence agency had busted a joint terror group ISIS and Haqqani Network and destroyed their centre through three targeted operations by the Special Forces of the National Security in Kabul, TOLO News quoted the NDS''s statement.

    Led by Sanatullah, a Daesh commander the group comprised of Daesh and Haqqani network members, was involved in the rocket attack on President Ghani''s inauguration ceremony, the attack on the Sikh temple in Kabul, the attack on Afghan politicians gathering in the west of Kabul, and another two rocket attacks on Kabul, the NDS said.

    "The NDS in continuation of its special operations for identifying, tracking, and destroying terrorist cells that have martyred our compatriots and disrupted Kabul security, has destroyed the joint ISIS and Haqqani Network Centre," NDS said in a release.

    The NDS added that the group was also involved in targeted killings in KabulIn the past month, the Afghan forces have made key arrests of ISIS leaders.

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