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Posted: May 5, 2022 10:30 AM EDT Updated: May 5, 2022 10:30 AM EDT Posted: May 5, 2022 10:30 AM EDT Updated: May 5, 2022 10:30 AM EDT If you want to show your excitement for the greatest spectacle in racing, it 's easy to do with your fashion.


Delhi COVID-19 numbers authentic, correct: Health minister Satyendar Jain - BusinessToday

In Delhi, the data has not been fudged even for a single death," said Jain, reported new agency ANI. It said that the validity and robustness of the models are questionable. The WHO report estimates that there were 47 million COVID deaths in India 10 times more than the official figures and almost a third of COVID deaths globally.


Covid positivity rate zero in most Bengal districts, says health dept report | Cities News,

The surveillance, conducted recently in 22 districts and five health districts of the state, found the Covid 19 positivity rate to be between 0 to 04 per cent, he said. Kolkata, which in itself is a district, was, however, not within the ambit of the sentinel surveillance. The official said a total 10,710 samples were examined during the surveillance over three days between April 27 to April 29 by Kalyani College of Medicine and JNM Hospital.


Singaporean pastry chef Cherish Finden on what to eat in London

You don 't even have to take it from us, because the statistics speak for themselves. The cosmopolitan city saw a total of 2171 million trips made by international tourists in 2019, the year before the pandemic. Now that travel is starting to ramp up again, tourists are slowly but surely returning to the UK -- after all, travellers do not need to take any pre departure or on arrival COVID 19 tests and no quarantine is required, making it a breeze to travel just like we used to.


Healthcare nutrition | Nestlé Global

Learn about Nestl s brands and what we re doing to make our products tastier and healthier. We believe in the power of food to enhance quality of life. It is this belief that fuels our commitment to use our global scale, resources and expertise to contribute to a healthier future for people and the planet.


European Commission introduces European Health Data Space - JURIST - News

The EHDS will provide Europeans with the option to control and utilize their health data in their home country as well as in other EU member states. The proposed regulation which would establish the EHDS promotes the emergence of a comprehensive single market for digital health services and products. It also creates a consistent, credible, and efficient framework for using health data in research, innovation, policymaking, and regulatory activities, all while adhering to the EU 's rigorous data protection regulations.


CA Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order for Web3 Industry

Create a transparent and consistent business environment for companies operating in blockchain, including crypto assets and related financial technologies, that harmonizes federal and California laws, balances the benefits and risks to consumers, and incorporates California values such as equity, inclusivity, and environmental protection. California state agencies must engage in a process concurrent with President Biden s executive order on digital assets to collect feedback, create a regulatory approach to crypto assets harmonized between federal and state authorities, explore and establish public serving use cases (such as incorporating blockchain technologies into state operations), and build research and workforce pipelines. California state agencies must also collect input from a broad range of stakeholders for potential blockchain applications and ventures, with particular attention to crypto assets and related financial technologies.


California governor signs executive order on cryptocurrencies

Tech investors and businesses in California have been betting on crypto for well over a decade. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order Wednesday on cryptocurrencies, laying out a road map for regulatory and consumer protections and examining ways the state can take advantage of blockchain technologies and digital assets. The order is designed to "create a transparent and consistent business environment for companies operating in blockchain, including crypto assets and related financial technologies, that harmonizes federal and California laws, balances the benefits and risks to consumers, and incorporates California values, such as equity, inclusivity, and environmental protection.



'Best photograph of UFO ever taken' released, showing 'metallic flying saucer zooming underneath plane' | The US Sun

The original photo was taken from a plane flying over the jungles of Costa Rica and shows what appears to be a metallic disc hovering beneath the aircraft. And the image has now been touched up and released in a new high resolution print half a century after it was first captured. Aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza was using a 100lb map making camera as he flew over Costa Rica at an altitude of around 10,000 feet on a mission to survey land. Sergio was scoping out the land ahead of the construction of a hydroelectric project near the Arenal Volcano in the country s northern highlands. In this frame, time stamped at 8:25am, a shiny metallic disc which looks eerily like a classic alien flying saucer can be seen between the ground and Sergio #x27;s aircraft. The strange object is only visible in frame number 300 of the images and there s no sign of it in either frame immediately before or after. The pilot nor his three crew members saw a thing during the actual flight. Depending on the estimated altitude of the object, it is believed to have measured between 120 and 220 feet across.


Celebrity Alien Encounters

One of the biggest cosmic questions in existence is, ldquo;are we alone in the Universe? rdquo; While not even NASA can definitively say for sure, some celebrities are pretty certain they already know the answer. Each of these stars has publicly professed a belief in the existence of alien life, with some even going on active searches for a close encounter of their very own. The Chigaco bred rapper rolled out the red carpet for our otherworldly visitors ndash; should they ever decide to drop by ndash; by creating a welcome playlist for extraterrestrials via his Twitter account in late 2020. He said the list, featuring over 20 Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 songs, would serve as his method ldquo;to get them to understand music and humanity. Related Stories Jaden Smith Responds To Criticism Following His Comments About About Not Liking People His Own Age Red Table Talk: Jada And The Gang Get Good Gut Health Advice After A Lil Booty Camera Colonoscopy Action The child star turned singer believes in extraterrestrials so strongly they rsquo;ve even advocated for more politically correct terminology by which to address them.


Did you know? Washington state has its own Stonehenge & you can visit it

Washington sure has some oddities and the Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge have to be near the top of the list. If you aren #8217;t already confused by the fact that we just wrote Stonehenge you will be when we tell you about the museum. It #8217;s truly a #8220;what in Sam Hill? #8221; experience. You #8217;ll probably remember the Hill family from your elementary school history classes. The most famous member of the family being Sam Hill, the road builder, and industrialist. And while road building might have been pretty normal in the 1920s, Mr. Hill also had some unique ideas. Namely, his Quaker utopian community that he started to build overlooking the Columbia River. Related posts: The first modern UFO sighting happened this week in Washington in 1947 Did you know? Modern teriyaki was invented here in Seattle Unfortunately for Mr. Hill, his vision failed and he ended up being the only Quaker living in #8220;utopia #8221;. But his vision did give us a museum dedicated to Queen Marie of Romania who happened to be a friend of Sam Hill.


A New Method for Listening to Extraterrestrial Communications Could Help Us Find Nearby Alien Life

But the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, is like listening for a whisper in a hurricane. Space is incomprehensibly big. There s noise sputtering from every direction, especially from the countless number of stars dying and being born. Worse, we might not even recognize an alien broadcast when we hear it. He hopes that could be enough to help SETI scientists cut through the noise and narrow their search. All of this to help us arrive closer to the answer of one of humanity s most important questions is there life elsewhere in the universe? Davis told The Daily Beast. In a new study that has not yet been peer reviewed, Davis described how a high tech alien civilization might use long range microwave radio to relay messages from planet to planet and also help navigate between them. With this dual purpose technosignature as a guide, SETI practitioners could direct their attention to the spots in space where possible alien broadcasts make the most sense, thereby eliminating huge chunks of the galaxy from the SETI search pattern.


Researchers publish ''best image of a UFO ever taken'' over remote rainforest lake - Daily Record

A new high resolution image of what has been described as the most convincing UFO photo ever has been published half a century after it was first taken. Sergio Loaiza, an aerial photographer, flew over Costa Rica using a map making camera to survey the land before a hydroelectric project was built in the area, the Daily Star reports. Flying at an altitude of roughly 10,000 feet, he took several high resolution black and white photos of the Lake Cote and surrounding rainforest located near the Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands at 20 second intervals. One frame, captured at 825am, shows a shiny metallic disc apparently flying between Loaiza s twin engined Aero Commander F680 and the earth below. The classic alien flying saucer is visible only in frame number 300 of the series of photos, and there s no sign of it in either the previous frame of film or on the one taken immediately afterwards. No one not the pilot nor his three crew members saw a thing during the actual flight.

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