• Former basketball coach convicted of player’s sodomy

    A report says 43 year old Corvell Conley was convicted Friday and acquitted of his initial charge of third degree rape.Conley was arrested in April 2018 days after the assault, which arrest records say happened when Conley drove the girl home from a Kentucky Future basketball practice. She was younger than 16 years old at the time. A hospital medical report says the girl ''s accusation aligned with the findings of a sexual assault nurse examiner.

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  • Spectrum: Autism Research News

    When the eyes are open, vision is the dominant sense. Continuous input from the eyes links stimulation from other senses into a coherent whole.A typical newborn already looks preferentially at faces, driven by an innate motivation to interact with others1. In this way, vision drives social communication skills. Visual input shapes the brain during the first year of life. The visual system also processes aspects of nonverbal communication, such as shared visual attention, facial expressions, gestures and body postures.

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  • ETPanache Dialogues: Male grooming biz is a Rs 16,800 cr market; young men invest in make-up, beard products

    An expert panel at the ETPanache Dialogue on Grooming.(From left sitting) Krishna Gupta, Kavita Angre, Dhimaan Shah. (From left standing) Nihir Parikh, Sumanto Chattopadhyay and Raghavendra Rathore

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  • Bollywood Celebrities From Dharmendra To Saif Who Had A Court Marriage

    ALSO READ: Court Marriages: Ideas On How To Add Flair To Your Signing CeremonyDharmendra was already a married man when he met #39;Dream Girl #39; Hema Malini and fell in love with her. He already had two sons with his first wife Prakash Kaur. The good looking couple eloped and solemnised a court marriage. Since his first wife wasn #39;t ready to give him a divorce, Dharmendra reportedly converted into Islam to get married to Hema Malini. The couple got married in 1979.

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  • Clare Balding leads new BT campaign to show more women's football in UK pubs

    A London pub has received a radical makeover to promote women s football.The Red Lion boozer in the City has been aptly re named The Red Lioness for the next week and decorated with memorabilia, trophies and iconic photography.

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  • ‘Liverpool haven’t even hit top gear yet’ – Danny Murphy expects Premier League leaders to get even better this season

    Jurgen Klopp s side beat Manchester City 3 1 at Anfield on Sunday to extend their lead at the summit, with the defending champions slipping down to fourth and nine points adrift of their rivals.

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  • There's a very shiny new Ariel Ace

    Full screen 1 12 Read more on:Ariel Behold a new, special edition of the Ariel Ace. Yes, Ace. Named as curiously but factually as the Skoda Superb, it s a two wheeled Atom in ethos and this new Iron Horse edition has arrived to make it notably shinier.That s all thanks to its CNC machined aluminium frame. Regular Aces get those too, but theirs isn t polished within an inch of its life. Just like the wheels have been too. There ll be no losing this on a sunny day.

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  • The Ajlani Drakuma is a 1,200bhp twin-turbo hypercar*

    Full screen 1 6 Read more on:Dubai Motor ShowSupercars It s important to set out your stall when competing in the increasingly crowded hypercar space. Build something that s really fast. Limit its production. Make it look suitably wild.And thus, a new hopeful enters said hypercar space in the shape of the Ajlani Motors Drakuma , which fuses the worlds of dragons and demons (but hopefully without the crushing season finale disappointment) to bring you a twin turbo, V8 engined 1,200bhp speed machine. At least, it will one day.

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  • The Maserati GranTurismo is dead

    Full screen 1 6 Read more on:ElectricMaseratiGranturismo After 12 years in production and some 40,000 cars sold, the Maserati GranTurismo is finally being put out to pasture, giving the company time and space to concentrate on renovations to its Modena plant and development of its next high performance sports car . The one off Zeda is supposed to tell the story of the dawn of a new era for the company through colours and materials . It s therefore mechanically identical to the normal GranTurismo, with a 4.7 litre Ferrari V8 making 454bhp, but gets a special paint job. The front of the car is deep blue, the middle dark grey and the rear end satin silver.

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  • Extreme E will race in the heart of the Himalayas

    Full screen 1 2 Read more on:ElectricMotorsport Plans for the first season of Extreme E the off road sibling of Formula E are taking shape remarkably quickly, and the all electric series has now announced the location of its penultimate round. The fourth race in the five event calendar will be held in the heart of the Himalayas, in the Kali Gandaki valley, Nepal.

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  • The 2,012bhp Aspark Owl is the most powerful production hypercar

    Full screen 1 9 Read more on:Dubai Motor ShowElectric Aspark, a Japanese engineering company you ve maybe heard about, has just revealed the final production version of its Owl hypercar. There are two numbers to focus your attention on, one big, one small. Big? The road going electric hypercar boasts a Lotus Evija beating 2,012bhp, making it we think the world s most powerful production road car.The small number? Aspark reckons it ll do 0 60mph in just 1.69s. You re staring at the very shiny end of one of the world s very fastest accelerating cars, if not the fastest.

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  • Gaming review: Need for Speed Heat ups the stakes

    Full screen 1 5 Read more on:Gaming For those of you who thought the Fast and Furious series peaked with Tokyo Drift, Need for Speed is back. Need for Speed Heat takes its time honoured combination of knockabout racing and gaudy customisation and moves it to Miami alike Palm City. Think sun cracked asphalt in the day and lashings of neon lighting at night.But while those might seem like just aesthetic differences, as you switch between day and night with the tap of a button on the map screen, Heat s brilliance is in the way the game changes dramatically in that transition.

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  • The new Skoda Octavia is joyously sensible

    Full screen 1 19 Read more on:First LookSkodaOctavia People of the Internet: think the new VW Golf is a bit too out there? Not tempted by an outrageous Ford Focus, or wild Kia Ceed? Well then step right this way, for Skoda has just unveiled the new Octavia and my, isn t it just the most sensible thing you ve ever seen?Of course it shares much with the new Golf. The engines, for example. You can have 1.0 litre with three cylinders, with four cylinder options comprising 1.5 and 2.0 litre petrols or a 2.0 litre diesel. The latter gets a twin dosing system to slash NOx emissions by up to 80 per cent. Go for the DSG auto and the 1.0 litre and 1.5 litre petrols get 48 volt mild hybrid tech, reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy. There will be a plug in hybrid, too, with 201bhp and a 34 miles of e range.

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  • Electric vehicles, when will they become an attractive used proposition?

    The inevitable change will begin when used car buyers see electric cars as affordable alternatives to internal combustion power. Today, the optimal price for used car consumers appears to be around 5,995. For many of course, the affordability level is much lower.As of November 2019, there are approximately 1,500 used EV cars advertised for sale in the UK. Most are genuine used vehicles with only a few delivery mileage 19 plate vehicles. Advertised prices range from 1,200 for a G Wiz, with just 22,000 miles, all the way up to 98,000, for a 2017 Tesla model X with only 500 miles on the clock.

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  • EDITO - “Dénoncer un coup d’Etat en Bolivie, c’est comme s’indigner de la mafia en Sicile ou des grèves à la SNCF”

    "La Bolivie est championne du monde des coups d Etat. Les d noncer, c est s indigner de la mafia en Sicile ou des gr ves la SNCF. Evo Morales lui m me a fait chuter deux pr sidents lus : Sanchez de Losada en 2003. Carlos Mesa en 2005. Tous les deux chass s par des meutiers que le syndicaliste Evo Morales avait chauff s blanc. Ensuite, il s est install au Palais et il a tenu 13 ans. Trois mandats. C est d j un de trop au regard de la constitution. Pour en faire un quatri me, il a organis un r f rendum. Il l a perdu. Il a alors obtenu de juges complaisants le droit de se repr senter. C est un coup d Etat l gal. Au soir de l lection, les r sultats partiels annon aient un second tour qui aurait t fatal Evo Morales. Le d pouillement s est arr t . Quand il a repris, Morales tait sauv . Il s est proclam vainqueur.Selon l audit de l Organisation des Etats Am ricains, il y a eu manipulation de grande ampleur du syst me informatique.

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  • "Elles ont eu cette parole libre" : un documentaire a suivi les femmes "gilets jaunes"

    Les participantes au mouvement avaient diff rents profils, se souvient elle, avec la fois "des femmes en grande pr carit ", mais aussi des femmes qui travaillent tout comme leur mari, mais "ne s'en sortent pas ", ou encore des femmes seules, "les familles monoparentales tant les plus impact es par la pr carit ". "J'ai vu les femmes se lever le 17 novembre, mais encore plus d s janvier, pour s inscrire dans une parole que j'ai trouv tr s libre et affranchie de toute r cup ration politique ", raconte la r alisatrice pour expliquer son envie de se lancer dans cette s rie de documentaire. "Elles ont eu cette parole libre pour revendiquer des choses tr s concr tes du quotidien comme vivre de son travail, lever ses enfants dignement, mais aussi pour tre consid r es ". Or, ajoute Anne Gintzburger, "prendre la parole, c'est une libert retrouv e ".

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  • Marche contre l'islamophobie : le grand rabbin de France "aimerait voir les parents" de la fille qui portait une étoile jaune, "pour comprendre"

    "Il y a une tendance vouloir exproprier les juifs de leur m moire ", regrette t il au micro de Nathalie L vy. Or, estime t il, "chaque g nocide a quelque chose d'unique. Ce n'est pas le nombre de victimes qui fait l'horreur, mais la haine du bourreau ". Pour Ham Korsia, "vouloir s'accaparer la m moire des autres, c'est briser ce qui fait notre engagement dans la soci t ". "Il n'y avait aucune raison " de porter cette toile jaune, mart le le grand rabbin de France, "et les gens qui l'ont fait le savaient pertinemment ". Par cette d marche, estime t il, la violence subie par les juifs pendant la Shoah est "relativis e ". "Dans notre soci t , le relativisme est terrifiant ", ajoute t il. Et alors que la s natrice Esther Benbassa estime que le fait "que nos contemporains stigmatis s s'identifient ces souffrances pass es est tout fait compr hensible ", le grand rabbin rappelle que 2.500 mosqu es existent aujourd'hui en France. "Ce sont vraiment des gens qu'on stigmatise ? ", interroge t il.

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  • Common Admission Test (CAT) To Be Held Next Week

    The Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to MBA programmes in Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), in the coming academic session, will be held on November 24. CAT is also considered as a pre requisite for admission to MBA programs in many non IIMs. It is a computer based management aptitude test, which is held annually, to evaluate and shortlist candidates for admission to management post graduate programmes.

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  • Shelter cat put in solitary confinement for 'repeatedly' letting other cats out

    A cat named Quilty has been sentenced to solitary confinement for continually letting other cats out of their enclosures at his shelter after multiple warnings failed to curb the problem.The serial offender was caught by staff at Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization jail breaking other felines out of the senior room apos;repeatedly, several times a day apos;.

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