• Do The Numbers Tell The Whole Story? – Fortive Corporation, (NYSE: FTV) - News Planets (press release)

    On Thursday, September 19, 2019, the stock (Fortive Corporation) created a change of 1.29 percent Loss ( ) and closed its last session of business at $68.79. Fortive Corporation, belongs to Technology sector and Scientific amp; Technical Instruments industry. The relative strength index of the stock stands 41.07.

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  • IBM's new 53-qubit quantum 'mainframe' is live in the cloud - Naked Security

    IBM has boosted its growing stable of quantum computers with a new 53 quantum bit (qubit) device, the most powerful ever offered for commercial use.Google announced a more powerful 72 qubit Bristlecone model last year, but that was for its internal techies only. IBM s, by contrast, feels significant because it can be used by absolutely anyone who can find a use for such a computer.

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  • Madras HC: Social media company accountable for misuse of platform - Times of India

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  • Imposing Hindi will not bind Indians together; it will create acrimony - Telegraph India

    The BJP led government is trying to divert attention from its failure to bring about any developmentSir Within days of having claimed that Hindi should be accepted as a common language by all Indians, the home minister, Amit Shah, has now said that he does not mean to impose the language on anyone. However, this is hardly believable ( Tongue twist , Sept 17). If the Bharatiya Janata Party never had the intention of pushing for Hindi as the primary language in India, then what was the need of introducing numerals on the new currency notes in Devanagari script or trying to make Hindi compulsory in schools? It seems that Shah was testing ground with his push for Hindi. His clarification is by no means a consolation.

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  • 2 Million People Said They Would 'Storm Area 51'⁠—But Only 150 Showed Up - Forbes

    Topline: Although Facebook took down the viral event invite to Storm Area 51, only 150 people showed up Friday (and two were detained) outside the secret government facility s gates to see the extraterrestrial evidence long rumored to be housed there. amp; Key background: It started off as a joke. Matty Roberts created a Facebook event July 27, called it Storm Area 51: They Can t Stop All Of Us, and scheduled it for September 20. After about three days, the event page took off, with over 2 million Facebook RSVPs and another 1.2 million marked as interested in attending before site administrators took it down.

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  • Will Reliance Jio profit again from Trai's change of tune on IUC rules? - Livemint

    Exactly two years ago, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) had slashed the interconnection usage charge (IUC) by more than half to six paise. It had also said that the fee will be abolished from January 2020. This newspaper s headline then read, Trai lowers IUC, Reliance Jio prevails over Airtel, Idea .As it turned out, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd s net outgo on IUC fell to 1,082 crore in the December quarter of FY18, when the charge was slashed, from Rs2,140 crore in the preceding quarter. With annualised savings of over 4,200 crore for Jio, it was amply clear who had gained the most from Trai s change of rules.

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  • Airtel, Vodafone Idea get an unexpected, but pleasant surprise from TRAI - Business Today

    IUC charges are applicable only on mobile to mobile voice calls; there are no IUC charges on other types of calls mobile to landline, landline to mobile, and landline to landline. TRAI's decision is expected to benefit incumbents Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea who had more incoming calls on their network compared to outgoing calls. Market leader Vodafone Idea had 59.3 per cent incoming calls out of the total calls on its network in June (outgoing calls were 40.7 per cent). In comparison, Reliance Jio had 35.75 per cent incoming calls out of the total calls on its network in the same month. Having more incoming calls (than outgoing calls) indicate a net gain for the telco."It's going to favour old telcos if TRAI decides to extend the deadline for scrapping IUC charges. The charges have ensured that legacy networks reap benefits from their large investments over the years," says a telecom consultant. The last time (in 2017) when IUC rates were slashed from 14 paisa per minute to 6 paisa, there was huge uproar in the industry, primarily led by Airtel and Vodafone Idea. The incumbents were demanding a hike in IUC charges to 30 paisa in order to recover money invested in their network.

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  • Oracle's Autonomous Cloud Push Has The Industry Taking Notice - CRN

    Oracle says it 's building the only autonomous cloud on the market, but experts wonder if it will be enough to win the cloud war.

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  • Cloud services and infrastructure spending hits US$150B - ARNnet

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  • Study: Drinking tap water may pose risk for cancer - WLOX

    Researchers with the Environmental Working Group say they found 22 carcinogens including arsenic, uranium and radium in tap water.

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  • Apple Arcade Shows What Mobile Gaming Can Be When Freed of Microtransactions - Hollywood Reporter

    Mobile gaming has fallen into a familiar rut over the last few years: match three puzzlers, Battle Royale shooters, augmented reality Pok eacute;mon Go copycats, tower defense games that push card collecting mechanics on unsuspecting users (and parents #39; bank accounts). Amid the same old routine, truly ambitious mobile titles have been few and far between, further convoluting a market that feels more watered down with each passing year. The majority of these issues stem from developers looking for a good way to monetize their games. Most mobile titles are either free or only cost players a few bucks upfront (or a few hundred bucks over the course of a game #39;s lifetime in the case of free to play titles). Apple Arcade, Apple 's game centric subscription service meant to fit right in between its Apple Music and Apple TV services, aims to change that.

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  • The Biggest Trends From London Fashion Week 2019 - TeenVogue.com

    TwitterPinterestFacebookTwitterPinterestTwo Fashion Weeks down, two more to go. After taking in all things NYFW and now LFW, we #x27;re here once again to process and share which trends we #x27;re going to be wearing in the next six months (or even now ). NYFW is always fun because it #x27;s our home turf, but once we jump the pond and dive into London we can #x27;t help but get even more excited. Because compared to London #x27;s weather, their fashion is completely the opposite. With designers like Erdem, Ports 1961, Christopher Kane, Rehina Pyo, and more, the designs couldn #x27;t be brighter. We saw many NYFW trends travel to the European sphere, like color blocking, crisp blazers, and scarves, but we also saw some new ideas that we think will complement all the trends we #x27;ve already seen so far.That being said, scroll along for a free trip down memory lane, as we recap the biggest, most standout trends of London Fashion Week.

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  • iPad Pro 2019 leaked image points to a triple-lens camera - TechRadar

    Despite the iPad Pro 11 being almost a year old we haven 't heard much about a new iPad Pro 2019 model just yet, but the first image of one may have emerged, and it shows three rear cameras, up from just one on the current models.Shared by Sonny Dickson (a reputable leaker) the photo shows what 's supposedly a ”final design mockup ” of the slate and comes from a source that has apparently been repeatedly reliable.

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  • NASA Emails Reveal How Agency Didn't See Large, 'Sneaky' Near-Miss Asteroid - HuffPost

    In emails obtained by BuzzFeed News via a Freedom of Information Act request, NASA officials asked each other how the asteroid, named ”2019 OK, ” had escaped detection until an observatory in Brazil reported it on July 24 mdash; the same day it passed our planet.In the email chain, Paul Chodas, manager of NASA 's Center for Near Earth Object Studies, posed two questions: First, ”why was 2019 OK not discovered by one of the major NASA surveys? ” and second, if the Brazilian observatory hadn 't caught the asteroid, ”is it possible it could have escaped discovery completely? ”

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  • Asteroid shock: NASA email reveals agency's surprise at near-hit - 'It slipped through' - Express.co.uk

    The asteroid, dubbed 2019 OK, brushed past our planet on July 25 but the rock was not spotted until it closed in on Earth. NASA later confirmed the asteroid skimmed the planet from a dangerously close distance of just 40,400 miles ndash; one fifth of the distance to the Moon. A similar surprise in 2013 resulted in a rogue space rock inuring more than 1,000 people with shards from blown out windows in Russia. Internal NASA emails obtained by BuzzFeed reveal the US space agency was completely caught off guard by 2019 OK.One NASA employee admitted ”this one did sneak up on us ” while it flew past Earth at speeds of 23km per second or 52,568mph.

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  • Moon landing shock: NASA astronaut reveals why he's changed view on Apollo 11 - Express.co.uk

    On July 20, 1969, NASA completed the seemingly impossible Apollo 11 mission to put the first two men Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. Armstrong made history, jumping off the lunar lander Eagle and delivering his legendary ”one small step ” speech to the millions of anxious people watching back on Earth. The late astronaut became an overnight sensation after burying the US flag into the lunar surface and bringing an end to the Space Race with the Soviet Union.Following his return to Earth, Armstrong became notorious for avoiding the limelight, giving only a few rare interviews.

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  • NASA couldn't find India's crashed Moon lander, and hope is fading fast - BGR

    Last week, NASA said it would do its best to help by targeting the suspected crash site with its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. It was thought that if the LRO could capture a clear image of the downed spacecraft it might provide some additional information and help the India Space Research Organization decide how to proceed. Unfortunately, the LRO 's powerful camera just couldn 't spot the lander, and hope of salvaging the mission is fading rapidly.

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  • Yondr pouches help you turn off your phone and tune into life

    Some people can't put down their smartphones, addicted to the distractions of texting and documenting everything they can. But a startup called Yondr is focused on creating no-phone zones by locking up your device. John Blackstone reports on how the company's partnership with comedian Dave Chappelle is sparking a growing trend.

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  • US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal

    The US Navy has confirmed that certain UFO videos made public over the past several years do indeed show "unidentified aerial phenomena." #CNN #News

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