• McDonald's slims down Happy Meal by banishing cheeseburgers from menu - Madison.com

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  • McDonald's slims down Happy Meal by banishing cheeseburgers - KWTX

    Diners can still ask specifically for cheeseburgers or chocolate milk with the kid's meal, but the fast food company says not listing them will reduce how often they're ordered. It says after it removed soda from the Happy Meal menu four years ago orders for it fell 14 percent.


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  • Marilyn Manson meltdown NY,2/15/18

    After Marilyn Manson displayed bizarre behavior onstage during a concert in New York on Thursday (Feb. 15), actress Charlyne Yi took to Twitter to state that the incident wasn #39;t the first time the rocker has acted out.On Friday night Yi, who appeared as a series regular on Fox s medical drama House, said that Manson visited the cast while they were filming the final season as a fan and "harassed just about every woman asking us if we were going to scissor, rhino called me a China man."



  • Marilyn Manson meltdown NY,2/15/18

    Manson was so messed up he was slurring, babbling incoherently, he got mad at the audience and didn’t do his songs, he made up some “song” on the spot , babbling about the audience, and he won’t sing his tunes unless we all said we love him so much!!! He’s done!!! Over the hills, go check into the Betty Ford clinic and get clean.


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  • Veterans Affairs Dept. chief of staff steps down after travel flap - NBCNews.com

    Comment Email Print WASHINGTON The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Friday that the agency's chief of staff has stepped down after an investigation alleged she had doctored emails to justify Secretary David Shulkin's wife accompanying him on a European trip at taxpayer expense.



  • Does Michelle Obama's Official Portrait Gown Have a Hidden Meaning? - Bravo (blog)

    It's not the typical first lady portrait. In the Amy Sherald painting of Michelle Obama, which was unveiled at Washington's Smithsonian Museum on February 12, the former first lady exposes her arms in an eye catching halter gown. As it turns out, Milly designed the dress that has since become immortalized and there's more to the arresting frock than its modern silhouette. The bespoke gown was based on a piece from Milly's Spring Summer 2017 collection, and Sherald was drawn in by the geometric shapes that adorn its billowing fabric. Speaking at the portrait's unveiling, the painter said that the shapes reminded her of Gee's Bend, which is an all black community in Alabama that's known for its quilts.


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  • Reliance JioPhone will get its own Facebook app from February 14 - The Indian Express

    According to Jio, the Facebook app on the JioPhone will show notifications, videos, and links to external content. The company also claims the app has been also optimised to successfully accommodate the cursor function on JioPhone. News Feed, Photos, etc will be supported on the Facebook app on Jio Phone. The Facebook App will be available on the JioPhone App store for downloads. Currently the JioPhone is limited to apps from the telecom player itself.Previously Google had announced a version of its Google voice assistant for the JioPhone, though it has yet to roll out. The Google Assistant for JioPhone was announced in December 2017 at the Google for India event. Earlier leaks and reports have also claimed that WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, will also have a version for the JioPhone.


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  • Russia's Air Industry Is a Victim of Its Own Success - The Atlantic

    A Saratov Airlines Antonov AN 148 plane takes off from the Domodedovo airport outside Moscow, Russia, on February 1, 2018. Mikhail Grigoryev Reuters Most Popular The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous Gabrielle Glaser Mar 16, 2015 When Deplorability Is No Longer a Dealbreaker Conor Friedersdorf Feb 13, 2018 Google s Guinea Pig City Molly Sauter Feb 13, 2018 A Better Way to Look at Most Every Political Issue Conor Friedersdorf Feb 11, 2018 Syria's War Is Fueling Three More Conflicts Krishnadev Calamur Feb 13, 2018 Alec Luhn Feb 13, 2018 Global Share Tweet #x2026 LinkedIn Email Print Text Size Four minutes after taking off from Moscow on Sunday afternoon, a Saratov Airlines Antonov An 148 headed for Orsk plummeted 6,000 feet into the ground, killing all 71 one people on board. In the aftermath, the images that appeared on television were all too familiar. Jagged metal scattered in a snowy field. Trees ripped apart, debris hanging from their branches. Police lines and disconsolate relatives. Roses placed beneath the departures screen at Moscow's Domodedovo airport.On Monday, Russia's investigative committee said that the plane had not broken up or caught fire before it dropped from the sky, and that an explosion occurred after the plane fell. The crash site was relatively compact. All this suggested that the latest tragedy was not due to terrorism, unlike the two planes brought down by suicide bombers in 2004, or the 2015 Sharm El Sheikh disaster. Instead, the investigative committee said it suspected the airline's activities, the technical condition of the aircraft, the level of the pilots' professional preparedness, and whether they underwent the necessary training. If a poorly trained crew was the cause, it wouldn't be the first time.


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