• Why having a cold water swim could provide INSTANT pain relief after surgery - Express.co.uk

    The operation, which involved cutting the triggering nerves inside his chest, was successful.


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  • Man's Chronic Pain Disappears After Vigorous, Cold-Water Swim - Discover Magazine (blog)

    Those polar plunge nuts you know, the people who strip to their skivvies in February and jump into freezing water might be on to something.According to doctors from the United Kingdom, a 28 year old man who had been complaining of persistent, post operative pain was cured after jumping into incredibly cold water for a vigorous 60 second, intense swim. Roughly two months prior to his swim, the man had undergone an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy procedure to treat his severe facial blushing. In this procedure, a portion of the sympathetic nerve trunk is destroyed to treat excessive sweating, blushing and Raynaud s disease.


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  • Tiny Crystals in Mars Rocks Finally Reveal What Happened to Water on the Red Planet - Outer Places

    Despite the superstar status of scientists like Albert Einstein (who upended Newtonian physics from a Swiss patent office) and Richard Feynman (who liked to play Russian Roulette with a sphere of nuclear material called the "demon core"), most scientific breakthroughs are built on small, obscure discoveries and the scientists who recognize that this composition of gas or this piece of bone changes everything. We may have that sort of situation on our hands over at nbsp;NASA right now, thanks to some very small marks left in Martian rocks, which were spotted by the Curiosity rover.If you're not up to date on Curiosity, it's currently trundling around Vera Rubin Ridge, where it managed to take a breathtaking panorama shot of its travels so far. Now Curiosity has found some small marks in the bedrock of the ridge that may give insight into exactly when water on nbsp;Mars started to disappear. The marks were apparently caused by gypsum crystals, which have since disappeared, but the distinctive shapes of those crystals have been left behind. This has allowed scientists to hypothesize that the crystals formed in steadily evaporating water, which became saltier over time. These crystals aren't the first evidence of lakes in Gale Crater, the giant impact crater Curiosity has been exploring since it landed, but they do offer an answer to the question of when and how those lakes disappeared.


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  • Mars Crystals Provide Potential Evidence Of Water In Planet's Past - ValueWalk

    Although the Mars crystals appear as if they ve formed by the same mechanism as gypsum crystals on our own planet, NASA scientists are currently considering multiple possibilities for why exactly we re seeing these newly discovered crystals.One aspect of note regarding the rover s discovery of these Mars crystals is when exactly these features formed when compared to the layers of sediment around them. Another pressing question is whether the original material that crystallized remains inside them or was later dissolved away and replaced with something else. These Mars crystals may point to evidence of a drying lake or to groundwater that flowed through the sediment, lending credence to the idea that there was once water flowing over the surface of Mars.



  • NASA's recently discovered planets could hold 250 times more water than Earth - MLive.com

    It's been a year since NASA announced the discovery of seven planets that could hold the "key to life as we know it," and recent findings are only adding fuel to that speculative fire.


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  • Water Ice Found Exposed in Martian Cliffs - SkyandTelescope.com

    Thick sheets of water ice, some barely buried beneath the surface and likely more than 100 meters thick, have been spotted on several Martian cliff faces.



  • Crews repairing wastewater line leak along Weiss Lane in Pflugerville - Community Impact Newspaper

    UPDATE: The city announced on Friday that the repairs were completed and lift stations resumed normal operationCrews are working to repair a wastewater line adjacent to Weiss Lane after the line was struck by an Oncor utility company Thursday morning, according to a press release from the city.


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  • Large Reservoirs Of Water Ice Found On Mars, Says NASA - Science Trends

    Previous examinations of the red planet have strongly hinted at the possibility of water and ice on it. Radio scans done by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter suggest that there are massive stores of ice that run along the middle of the planet. It s possible that water may even be found at the planet s poles. The new study seems to corroborate these findings and it may be the conclusive evidence scientists have been looking for that the planet was once covered in water.According to the research team, the water ice that is present on Mars is no more than 10 meters (32 feet) below the surface of the planet. In some areas, the water ice could be only one to two meters below the surface. This makes it relatively easy to reach, and the researchers also believe that sheets of water ice litter the landscape of mars, with some of the sheets measuring more than 100 meters (3325 feet) in diameter.


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  • What NASA's Discovery Of Water On Mars Means For Colonization - Science Trends

    NASA has found 8 sites where there appear to be large ice deposits that are somewhat close to the surface, NASA estimates that they;re covered in about 1 to 2 yards of rocks. In the picture below the ice is highlighted blue, and you can see that it is sandwiched by the Martian surface.These deposits, like what you see below, are substantially large, possibly 100 meters thick. These scarps that they 've found the ice under is actually steep, which tells researchers that the ice is newer, possibly 1 million years old or younger.


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