• Microsoft’s Windows 10 breaches privacy law, says Dutch DPA

    The Dutch data protection authority has concluded that Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system breaches local privacy law on account of its collection of telemetry metadata. The OS has been available since the end of July 2015.

    7 day(s) ago

  • With the end of Windows on phones, how does Microsoft avoid being the next IBM?

    For fans of the platform, the official confirmation that Windows on phones isn't under active development any longer—security bugs will be fixed, but new features and new hardware aren't on the cards—isn't a big surprise. This is merely a sad acknowl more

    12 day(s) ago

  • Microsoft's unreleased bezzel less phone

    Microsoft has officially acknowledged the demise of Windows phones earlier this week in a series of tweets from Joe Belfiore, and while we could all see this coming, it’s important to know that the platform would have had a completely different futur more

    12 day(s) ago

  • Microsoft Throws in the Towel Windows 10 Mobile is Out of the Ring

    It seems that iOS and Android will be dominating the smartphone landscape for some time to come thanks to Microsoft ‘losing its focus’ on Windows 10 mobile. This much to the chagrin of manufacturers like HP that’s supposed to have big plans for its H more

    12 day(s) ago

  • Microsoft Describes Advanced Threat Protection Progress, Plans

    Microsoft's progress with its various Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) services was a common thread in the myriad security discussions held at the company's recent Ignite conference.

    12 day(s) ago

  • Microsoft Ignite 2017 Keynote by Satya Nadella

    Microsoft CEO Takes the stage and talks about new Microsoft services and future of the cloud.

    13 day(s) ago

  • First Look at CShell on a Windows phone

    This is CShell, Microsoft's new adaptable Windows Shell currently in the works for Windows 10

    14 day(s) ago

  • Firefox stopped on Xp and Vista

    Mozilla plans to halt all Firefox security updates next year to personal computers powered by either Windows XP or Windows Vista, closing that chapter of its browser's history.

    16 day(s) ago

  • Surface phone - Concept

    Surface Phone, the mythical device once predicted to launch this year isn’t expected to arrive until 2018. As there’s been a lot of rumours and speculation about what the Surface Phone would look like. A designer has created a new concept video that more

    16 day(s) ago

  • HP says no more Windows phone

    HP has canceled plans to build out a line of Windows phones due to Microsoft’s general disinterest in continuing to battle Google and Apple on mobile. Nick Lazaridis, president of the EMEA regions at HP, told The Register that HP decided “it doesn't more

    16 day(s) ago