Dashboard for your Matrimony Business

Keen is a fully responsive and available with most of the required features for your matrimonial business. Use its basic version to fulfil your customer's requirements. It can be also used as a Dashboard for your Dating and Match making websites. The plus-point is, it is fully upgradable and we upgrade it based on your requirements.

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One Click layout that enables fetching information in few clicks. Saves time and cost too. Software works on Windows OS tablets flawlessly.

Enhancements and Incidents

Any bug error or enhancement? We are available through social meadia all the time. We analyse the requirments and provide solutions.


Our software works on SQL Server and hence we provide a little support on databbase but full support on application related database activities.

Our Software Features

Keen provides the functionality to maintain your customer database and to maintain an effective communication with them

From calling a customer till sending any information via Email. Keen is very helpful.

Upgrading to new version is very easy. Just provide us your requirements and we will start working on that.

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Communication is easy

Client communications and backend operations are on a click away

From calling a customer till sending any information via Email. Keen is very helpful. It records and tracks every activity to access it at the time of customer interaction.

Create unlimited biodatas, and send them their matches without any human interventation. Keen is intelligent in match making as well.

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Our Pricing

Basic Software


  • Create/Modify and Search Profiles
  • No updates and Support

Busines Plan

Rs. 1500/-

  • Create/Modify and Search Profiles
  • Reminder Utility
  • Automatch functionality
  • Web Admin Panel
  • Mobile Panel (Android)
  • Lifetime Support

Pro Plan

Rs. 500/-

  • Create/Modify and Search Profiles
  • Reminder Utility
  • Lifetime Support

Download Our Software

We would like you to download a free basic version of our software to analyse its capabilities. It will install Keen and will require SQL Server for database configuration that it will do by itself. Or, you can send us an email as well for installation and configuration.

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Contact Us

You can contact us for any query, Keen installation or for any support. You can whatsapp as well in case of delay in response from our end.

165, Sector 41. Noida