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01 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Windows Mobile | 0 Comments | 3 Views
There were days when Windows phone store had very less and not more than 15000 apps in count. But today it has crossed 300000 apps. The reason behind may be the encouragement to the developers by Microsoft. Due to this more than 100 apps are adding on daily basis in the Windows apps Store.Read more
01 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Security | 0 Comments | 3 Views
Bluebox Labs recently find out a vulnerability that is called as "FakeId" and that especially checks the certificate signatures for applications legitimacy or accuracy. and, sadly all android devices are running the versions from 2.1 to 4.4.Read more
01 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Windows Mobile | 0 Comments | 3 Views
Microsoft has already done as OneDrive, My Xbox Live, OneNote and Bing are available for Android. But still the Nokia and Microsoft apps are very different to each other in every sense. Read more
01 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Android | 0 Comments | 3 Views
These days we are surrounded with android and android, everywhere there is android and android is also entering in our private life - the sex life. now people are started searching for sex apps in play store. Read more
20 Aug 2014 | by krayknot | Sony | 0 Comments | 49 Views
Sony is known for his new technologies and if it is Z2 then how can we forget its waterproof feature. As per Sony the phone can survive inside fresh water upto not more than 30 minutes and that too upto 1.5 deep. But here is an experiment that went the device under water for 6 weeks.Read more