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10 Nov 2014 | by krayknot | Social,WhatsApp | 0 Comments | 44 Views
The latest feature that the whatsapp has introduced is the notification when the user will receive and read the message. Read more
07 Nov 2014 | by Beanbag | Android,Facebook,Social | 0 Comments | 47 Views
It is really annoying when we receive requests related with Candy Crush from our friends. The situation goes pathetic when we are not playing Candy Crush and not a part of it and still we are receiving requests of it. Read more
06 Nov 2014 | by krayknot |,C#,LINQ,VB.Net | 0 Comments | 44 Views
C# LINQ to XML can be considered a group of classes packaged in the ‘System.Xml.Linq’ namespace, which can be used to efficiently create, modify, delete and retrieve the data of an ‘XML’ file using ‘LINQ’ queries. The following are major functions provided by these classes. Read more
28 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Social | 0 Comments | 76 Views
Do you know that Facebook is earning like anything but what is reason? Are we paying to Facebook? No. But from the ads it is earning. It attracts advertisers by selling our information and it has proved now that Facebook really does not take care of our privacy and information. Read more
24 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Innovation | 0 Comments | 87 Views
Today will be the historic day for India as India triumphs with first mission to Mars. This mission is very important for India as it is the cheapest mission compared to other countries and also in the first attempt the success is with India. Now, India is the 4th country having their machines on Mars. Read more
19 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Android | 0 Comments | 89 Views
One of the most exciting new features of the iPhone 6 is the new "near field communication" (NFC) chip that allows customers to make payments simply by holding their phone near a sensor. Read more
19 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Android | 0 Comments | 92 Views
Do you think that you Android phone is going slow day by day. Here are few tips you can try to follow to boost up the speed of your Android Device. Read more
18 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Microsoft | 0 Comments | 65 Views
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced it will be donating $50million (N8billion) to support the efforts of Nigeria and other West African countries hit by the Ebola Virus outbreak in containing the spread of the deadly virus. Read more
12 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Productivity | 0 Comments | 131 Views
Workplace is always become a battlefield between the employer and the employee. Employee has to fight every time to prove himself and Employer has to seek ways to not get influenced from any of the Employee tact. Sometimes it is good for Employer and sometimes for the Employee. But the outcome is in favor of the company always. Read more
12 Sep 2014 | by krayknot | Productivity | 0 Comments | 128 Views
For the companies who are not serious about their employees should understand the importance of regular reviews. It is very important in terms of good and qualitative work. If no one will tell the feedback and ask about the performance then the work quality will degrade and so the productivity. Read more