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09 Jul 2014 | by krayknot | Android | 3 Comments | 196 Views
We've heard from lots of users facing the problem of connecting to LEAP wi-fi especially after the android upgrade. We did a small analysis and come up with a solution. The new version of Android demands a Digital Certificate issued by your company. Read more
19 Jun 2014 | by krayknot | | 0 Comments | 110 Views
Asp.Net Page directives are something that is a part of every pages. Page directives are instructions, inserted at the top of an ASP.NET page, to control the behavior of the pages. So it is type of mixed settings related to how a page should render and processed.Read more
07 Jun 2014 | by krayknot | Smartphone | 0 Comments | 135 Views
These days we are noticing the Smartphone presence everywhere like buses, colleges, cinema, hospitals etc. People use their Smartphone for Face book, Whatsapp, Maps etc. but there are number of people who are actually using their Smartphone in a healthy way.Read more
27 Apr 2014 | by ramleela | Security | 0 Comments | 549 Views
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) - is an encrypting technology which combines features of both conventional and public key cryptography (the keys we will discuss later in this topic) and is sometimes called a hybrid cryptosystem.Read more
27 Apr 2014 | by ramleela | Security | 0 Comments | 427 Views
In recent times privacy and security has become increasingly important especially with newer technologies like wireless networking and the potential problems they represent. Encryption has always been an effective way to conceal information and before the digital era it was mostly used my governments such as the germans and americans during the second world war and has been seen as far back as the times of the great Roman Empire. There is alot of information that we would like to keep private like credit card and financial information and personal letters and conversations, encryption and the science of cryptography allows us to do this. Read more